What’s New – InvestNow Enhancements

We have two really exciting enhancements to announce – My Fund Performance and Simple Model Portfolio.  In addition, we are starting to make some improvements to the site navigation, the first of which can be seen below.

My Fund Performance

We have improved the PERFORMANCE page to provide you with more detailed performance data.

We now provide a simple bar chart which shows the returns for each asset you currently hold, since inception of your portfolio – you can sort this by the name of the asset or the value of the $ return.

We have also provided, at the top of the page, the $ returns for any assets you no longer currently hold.

If you wish to see how much tax you have paid, hover over the question mark alongside “Return $”.

Simple Model Portfolio

We have added our new Simple Model Portfolio functionality to the HOLDINGS page.

Our Simple Model Portfolio tool acts as a simple guide – you can change the target weighting for each asset you currently hold, except cash, to see where you are under/over weighted and by how much.  You may then choose to use this information, if you so wish, to raise buy/sell orders to rebalance your portfolio.

Select “Weighting View” to access the Simple Model Portfolio

Coming soon!

Complementing the My Fund Performance enhancement, we will also be implementing a new suite of tools from Morningstar.  These new tools will make it easier to find funds that are best aligned to your investment profile, plus they will provide in-depth data and analysis to aid in maintaining your portfolio – includes historical performance data, underlying holdings, geographical investment exposure etc.

Here is what you can expect (note – the images are for illustrative purposes only and are the “out-of-the-box” versions of each component.  We will be customising these to align them to the NZ market and the InvestNow experience).

These components are currently under development.

Fund Selector

We will expand the number of filters you can select when looking for the fund(s) aligned to your investment profile.  Today you can filter by manager name, sector, fee and fund type.  With our new fund selector there will be approx 10 filters you can choose from – such as risk rating, region etc.

Historical Performance Chart

Whereas My Fund Performance provides historical price performance for assets you currently hold, for the period you have held them, the new historical performance chart will provide full price history for each of the funds available via InvestNow.

Portfolio X-ray

This component provides you with the ability to “dig deeper” into your portfolio.  You will be able to look at data such as asset allocation, geographical allocations, stock overlap etc.

Portfolio Comparison

Starting with your current portfolio, and with the same level of data that is provided by the x-ray component, you will be able to construct a second hypothetical portfolio and compare the two.

This will assist you with the maintenance of your portfolio and being able to see what changes to the funds in your portfolio may have on the overall portfolio, including performance based upon historical data.

These components – the fund selector, historical performance chart, fund x-ray and portfolio compare, are currently under development and we are targeting a June 2019 go-live date!  We will keep you posted.