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Platinum Asset Management joins InvestNow!

12th June 2019

Things don’t stay the same for long around here.

We added the 8 new Smartshares funds last week and Milford yesterday.  Now it’s today’s announcement.

Platinum Asset Management and the Platinum International Fund are now available to Kiwi investors directly through InvestNow – no need for a middleman!

Platinum International Fund​

The Platinum International Fund is an Australian Unit Trust (AUT).

Here is how Platinum describe the fund:

“The Platinum International Fund was established in […]

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ANZ TDs now available on InvestNow!

19th June 2019

Yet more great news – you can now add ANZ Term Deposits to your InvestNow portfolio!

Alongside the 100+ managed funds, we now provide Kiwi investors with the ability to invest in term deposits from ANZ, BNZ and SBS Bank without the need to open accounts with each of the banks.

You can easily switch between banks and set your term deposits to automatically reinvest (principle plus interest, or principal only).

Full details about our term deposit offering is available

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Milford joins InvestNow!

11th June 2019

Following closely on from the addition of the 8 new Smartshares funds last week, we are really pleased to announce that Milford Asset Management have joined InvestNow.

Milford Diversified Income Fund

Initially we are offering the Milford Diversified Income Fund, but knowing how popular Milford funds are with Kiwi investors we are looking to expand the range as quickly as we possible can.

Here is how Milford describe the fund:

“The Fund’s objective is to provide income and capital […]

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Smartshares iShares Launch

6th June 2019

Having teamed up with Blackrock, Smartshares are offering 8 new funds, all of which are available on InvestNow:

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Smartshares – Access to ETFs for New Zealand investors: When is 0.34% cheaper than 0.04%?

by Smartshares, April 2019

Passively managed Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are becoming more and more popular among Kiwi investors as a way of gaining cheap access to global shares. Passive ETFs offer low cost, liquidity and broad diversification. In addition, there is decades of evidence to show that passive funds deliver better after-fee returns than the vast majority of actively managed funds.

We are delighted to see the growth in investor interest in ETFs. However, based on feedback we receive from investors and financial advisers the […]

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AMP Capital – A short guide to Passive, Index and ETF Investing

In this note we provide an overview of the group of investment vehicle types termed “passive”, “index”, or “Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)”. These are often lumped together in media reporting,and while they have some features in common, there are several important differences that it is important for investors to understand.

This paper does not discuss the arguments for and against active versus passive funds management, but explains the key consequences of adopting a passive, indexed approach, whether that is implemented via a […]

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Smarter by the dozen: InvestNow adds five NZX passive funds

Media Release – 19th March 2019

New Zealand’s biggest direct-to-consumer managed funds platform, InvestNow, has added five index products to its range in response to customer demand.

Mike Heath, InvestNow general manager, says the platform took on the five exchange-traded funds (ETFs) offered by the NZX-owned Smartshares following a client survey.

“We already had seven Smartshares ETFs on InvestNow but our clients were asking for more choice,” Heath said. “The five new funds were clear favourites among our investors.”

The new Smartshares ETFs now available on InvestNow comprise the: Emerging Markets […]

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Five New Smartshares Funds Available Now!

We recently asked customers which Smartshares funds they would most like added to the range available on InvestNow.

There were five clear favourites and we are really pleased to announce that these are available now, for you to add to your InvestNow portfolio:

  • Emerging Markets Fund
  • NZ Dividend Fund
  • NZ Property Fund
  • US Large Growth Fund
  • US Mid Cap Fund


If you want to learn some more about these, and the other seven Smartshares funds we offer, please visit the

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Cost, confusion, complexity: what Cullen’s CGT means for fund investors

21 February 2019 – Anthony Edmonds, MD Implemented Investment Solutions 

The Tax Working Group (TWG) proposals released this morning would skew New Zealand investors away from local assets, distort the KiwiSaver market and mangle the portfolio investment entity (PIE) regime if introduced, according to the founder of the country’s largest direct-to-consumer managed fund platform.

Anthony Edmonds, InvestNow founder, said while the TWG final report includes some welcome reforms, overall the capital gains tax (CGT) recommendations would add cost, complexity and confusion […]

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India Avenue Equity Fund now available to InvestNow customers!

We are pleased to announce the addition of India Avenue Investment Management to InvestNow!

India Avenue Investment Management on InvestNow


Here is what Mugunthan Siva, Managing Director India Avenue has to say about India Avenue, the Fund and India:

” … our five founders have over 100 years investment and operations experience in Indian capital markets.  The two locations in Sydney and Mumbai allow us to be close to investments and investors. It allows us to communicate grassroots developments in […]

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