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India Avenue Equity Fund now available to InvestNow customers!

We are pleased to announce the addition of India Avenue Investment Management to InvestNow!

India Avenue Investment Management on InvestNow


Here is what Mugunthan Siva, Managing Director India Avenue has to say about India Avenue, the Fund and India:

” … our five founders have over 100 years investment and operations experience in Indian capital markets.  The two locations in Sydney and Mumbai allow us to be close to investments and investors. It allows us to communicate grassroots developments in […]

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Battle of the index funds – a comparison by Your Money Blueprint

Here’s a really comprehensive piece of analysis conducted by Nick at “Your Money Blueprint” where he compares InvestNow, SuperLife, Sharesies and Smartshares.  In particular he looks at the impact of charges and fees on investors, at varying levels of investment, when they are investing in the US Top 500 fund.  Well worth a read.

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NEW – Harbour Real Estate Investment Fund

We are pleased to announce the addition of the new Harbour Real Estate Investment Fund.

Launched 1st October, this brings the number of Listed Property funds we offer to 7 in total.

About the fund

Here is how Harbour describe the fund:

“After seeking client feedback, we are delighted to announce the addition of this new, and much-requested, fund – launched 1st October.

The Harbour Real Estate Investment Fund aims to provide medium term capital growth and income from real estate. It utilises the expertise of portfolio manager Shane […]

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InvestNow News 18th Jan – Elevation – You Own A Stake In Spotify

This month Elevation provide background on the investment in Spotify, an update on their #NZXNOW engagement with the NZX re transparency and the commentary on the value Fund.

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InvestNow News 18th Jan – Fisher – Key Factors Driving Performance

09 January, 2019


New Zealand Growth Fund

The New Zealand sharemarket was an island of calm in a storm during December, with flat performance and very low intra-month volatility compared to global stock markets that had very high levels of volatility and fell sharply. Our NZ portfolio returned 1.2% […]

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InvestNow News 18th Jan – Fisher – Christmas Volatility

Frank Jasper, Chief Investment Officer – 09 January, 2019

Well Santa didn’t deliver on my Christmas wish.

December was incredibly volatile with markets around the World tumbling. New Zealand was, once again, a strong performer relative to other markets only falling 0.1% for the month. In contrast for much of the World it was a very weak month. The US S&P 500 share market index […]

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InvestNow News 18th Jan – Harbour – Changes to Fixed Income team

14th January 2019

Today we have some news to share which is both exciting and sad.

Christian Hawkesby, our founding Head of Fixed Income, has resigned, to take up a new role as an Assistant Governor at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.

Christian has been an amazing colleague and leader for Harbour as we have grown a successful business, however this is a rare opportunity for him that […]

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InvestNow News 18th Jan – Harbour – Volatility Strikes Back

7th December 2019

Key points

  • Financial market volatility has increased in recent months but still remains relatively low by historical standards.
  • While the macroeconomic data continues to point to a strong US economy, we are expecting the US Federal Reserve to be more cautious and data dependent as they approach more neutral interest rate settings.
  • While US-China tensions are likely to be a source of […]
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InvestNow News 18th Jan – Morphic – Half Year Report 2018

Morphic’s half year report for July to December 2018 is now available – covering what has happened in stock holdings and the market and the outlook for 2019.

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InvestNow News 18th Jan – Nikko – Investment Update Dec 2018

Market Commentary, December 2018

Sometimes markets are referred to as being either ‘risk on’ or ‘risk off’.  What these jargon terms are referring to is whether investor behaviour is generally favouring riskier investments (risk on) and therefore buying such assets and pushing their prices higher, or fearful of losses and therefore investing in lower risk or safer assets (risk off).  These sentiment swings are powerful forces and have an enormous effect on how securities are priced.  The latter part of 2018 was characterised […]

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