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How to get your assets into gear for retirement

How to get your assets into gear for retirement

Investing success – It’s all about strategy.

With an aging population and the arguable sustainability of NZ super, saving for retirement is moving from a ‘nice-to-have’ to a ‘must-have’, which of course is a massive source of long-term anxiety and a big driving factor among Kiwi investors.

Whether you’re investing for retirement or for some other purpose, designing fit-for-purpose investment portfolios remains one of the most challenging tasks facing DIY investors.

Investors need structuring principles to guide product choices within their […]

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Spreads – Why they’re fair

Spreads – Why they’re fair

When shopping around for funds to invest in. You’ll likely get to a point where progressing with a fund choice might come down to fees.

A common mistake we see investors making, when comparing Managed Funds side-by-side, is assuming that funds with buy and sell spreads (fees) are more expensive than funds without them.  In this article we explain why this isn’t true, and in fact, why buy and sell spreads help to stop investors experiencing hidden costs, and create transparency around […]

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Recap – New funds added over recent months

The aim of the Fund is to achieve absolute returns in excess of the MSCI All Country World Net Index in NZD (the Index) over the investment cycle (typically 3-5 years).

The Fund invests in the Antipodes Global Fund – Long – UCITS, S Class (Underlying Fund) and cash or cash equivalent securities. The Underlying Fund’s investment exposure is predominantly to a broad range of international shares listed on stock exchanges in  developed and emerging markets. Read More

We’ve had quite a bit to say lately, in terms of enhancements to […]

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May 2019 – Russell Investments

Commentator – Fiona Lintott, Director Client and Investor Services, Russell Investments

Q1:  What is your view on spreads – should retail funds have buy/sell spreads and why/why not?

All Russell Investment Management Limited Funds apply buy-sell spreads.

A buy-sell spread is expressed as a percentage of the value of the application or withdrawal.

The buy-sell spread represents a reasonable estimate of the transaction costs that apply when buying and selling assets in a fund.  These costs typically include brokerage, government taxes, commissions, market impact and bank charges.

The […]

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May 2019 – Harbour Asset Management

Commentator – Ainsley McLaren, Executive Director


Harbour Investment Funds (Harbour Funds, or Funds) are all priced on a daily basis.  The unit price is calculated by valuing all the assets and liabilities of the Fund every day and is therefore the value of the Fund’s net assets per unit.

Each Harbour Fund applies the same unit price to both investments and withdrawals on any given day.

Harbour does not apply a “buy/sell” or “entry/exit” spread to unit prices because each Harbour Fund holds sufficient liquidity to […]

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May 2019 – AMP Capital

Commentator – Rebekah Swan – ESG Investment Specialist, NZ / Client Advocate / Head of Product

Q1:  What is your view on spreads – should retail funds have buy/sell spreads and why/why not?

There is a real cost of buying and selling securities for a fund. If there is no buy/sell spread then it means that other unitholders are paying for the incoming or outgoing unitholder. A fairer approach for unitholders is to have a clear and transparent buy/sell cost. This way the cost of […]

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Above benchmark: how indexing has grown up

Above the benchmark:
How indexing has grown up

Vanguard Group founder John C. Bogle in 2014

Passive products are on track to break another benchmark record this year in a move that could see indexers take majority control of the US equities fund market.

According to a late 2018 Bloomberg report, data from research house Morningstar shows passive US share funds grew market share from 45.7 per cent in November 2017 to 48.1 per cent 12 months later.

“They’ll top 50 percent in 2019 […]

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Smarter by the dozen: We’ve added five NZX passive funds

We recently asked customers which Smartshares funds they would most like added to the range available on InvestNow.

Bringing the range we offer from Smartshares up to 12, there were five clear favourites and we are really pleased to announce that these are available now, for you to add to your InvestNow portfolio:

  • Emerging Markets Fund
  • NZ Dividend Fund
  • NZ Property Fund
  • US Large Growth Fund
  • US Mid Cap Fund


If you want to learn some more about these, and the other […]

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Swimming lessons from McDuck: why custody shouldn’t be a mystery

Swimming lessons from McDuck – Why custody shouldn’t be a mystery

Scrooge McDuck loved to splash with cash, swimming solo in the deep, impregnable bank vault that housed his money.

The famous image of McDuck diving into his millions is typically interpreted as greed cartoonified.
But the loaded old duck had his reasons.

As the second-richest fictional character of all time – worth US$33.5 billion, according to Forbes magazine – McDuck clearly put a high value on two of the most important features of money: liquidity and […]

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INVESTNOW MAGAZINE – MAR 2019 – Harbour Asset Management

Commentator – Ruari McGregor, Director & Chief Operating Officer Q: What are the dangers for consumers in investing in products that don’t have arm’s length custody arrangements?
A: The definition of custody is “protection, care or guardianship of someone or something.”  In the managed funds world this relates to safeguarding the underlying shares, bonds and other securities held within each managed fund independently of the fund manager. In New Zealand,  Custodians are required to have an assurance engagement with a qualified auditor every year.

All […]

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