About InvestNow

InvestNow is a specialist investment management company focused on meeting the specific needs and requirements of New Zealand investors and clients. Our objective is to provide our clients with access to world-class investment solutions and opportunities, while ensuring that these are easy to use and understand.

The assets are alright: why investing isn’t child’s play

Let’s not kid ourselves, investment markets are chaotic, noisy and self-centred – just like children.

Over the long term, though, markets settle down into pattern-like behaviour that rewards the patient investor in proportion to risk. (Disclaimer: this argument cannot be applied to children under 18.)

Of course, in the midst of a market hissy-fit it’s a little more difficult to remember that this will all be worth it one day. And, for the first time in many years, markets are testing investor tolerance in 2018 with a series of public tantrums.

In February, […]

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Distributions Received as Cash

If you have elected to receive distributions as cash, as opposed to having them reinvested into a fund, it’s important that you know that any cash will be credited to your InvestNow transaction account.

Some customers have asked if the cash would be credited to their nominated accounts automatically – the answer is no.  You will need to login to your account and raise a withdrawal request to have any monies credited to your nominated account.

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Funds and Fund Manager Updates

New Fund Manager – Legg Mason

This week we added a new Fund Manager, Legg Mason, and their Legg Mason Brandywine Opportunistic Fixed Income Fund.

Legg Mason has over a century of experience and as at 31 December 2017, managed AUD$982 billion across a broad mix of equities, fixed income, alternatives and multi-asset strategies.  They are listed on the New York Stock Exchange, are headquartered in Baltimore USA, and employ more than 3300 employees in 39 offices around the world, including both Melbourne and Sydney.

Legg Mason Brandywine Global Opportunistic […]

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The teams behind the team

There is more to InvestNow than the team here in Wellington.  See who else is behind our service.

Implemented Investment Solutions (IIS) – PIE and chips: a uniquely Kiwi investment story

InvestNow had a cracking inaugural year.

The online managed funds shop – fresh to market in March 2017 – has since built a following among many thousands of savvy direct clients who collectively have invested well over $250 million.

But InvestNow didn’t just pop out of the ether into the internet. Behind the retail front stands a well-regarded investment operation with decades of […]

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Buying & Selling Units – settlement timeframes and spreads

The two most common questions we are asked about buying and selling managed funds are:

  • how long does it take my buy or sell order to be completed?
  • do buy or sell spreads apply to the funds I am interested in?

The answers to both questions differ for each fund/fund manager so we have created two FAQs which hopefully cover both questions for you.

Settlement timeframes

The cut-off time for the receipt of buy or sell orders and cleared funds for all Funds is currently 12pm NZ time.

If buy or sell orders are […]

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PIE Tax Update

Early next month we will be sending you a note both explaining how we will manage any PIE tax obligation you have at the end of the tax year (31st March 2018) and how much your PIE tax obligation is likely to be.

Please use this opportunity to check that you have the correct PIR set for your portfolio.  If it needs to be updated please email us with your request.

Because we will first look to fund your tax obligation, from any available cash in your InvestNow Transaction Account, as […]

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Rabobank customer update

We are getting closer to the end of the programme whereby we have established your InvestNow account and are ready to transfer the assets at, or around, March 31st.  Thanks to the thousands of you who have selected InvestNow as your preferred service provider for managing your investment portfolio!

In early March we will be in touch, asking you to check/review/confirm a few things for your new InvestNow account – for example:

  • Resident Withholding Tax (RWT) rate & Prescribed Investor Rate (PIR)
  • Distribution […]
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Streamlining Deposits & Withdrawals

We’ve made a couple of changes to streamline the process for making Deposits & Withdrawals, including removing the largely redundant Funding page.


To deposit funds, all you need is to know is the bank account details for our custodian and the unique identifier for your account.  To access this information there is a one-click solution.  Having logged in, go to the Home page and click on Deposit funds, under Quick actions.  A pop-up will appear, with the details you need to transfer money from your nominated account.

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Attention Unit Holders of the AMP Cash Advantage Fund

You would have heard from us last week, with regards to Rabobank New Zealand’s decision to close and wind up the Cash Advantage Fund (CAF).

Your options

  1. Option A – instruct us to redeem all your units in the CAF
  2. Option B – instruct us to facilitate a switch to the AMP Capital NZ Cash Fund (NZ Cash Fund)

If you do not select an Option by March 7th, we will redeem all your units and credit the proceeds to your InvestNow Transaction Account.

Key dates?

  • February 20th – we wrote to all […]
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ETFs really do it for some Kiwi investors

It appears that a great way to get some Kiwi investors to love an investment fund is to make it an “ETF”, which is short for Exchange Traded Fund.

Since the launch of the first ETF, the S&P 500 ETF (SPY) back in 1993, ETFs have seen tremendous growth globally ($4.5 trillion as at Sept ’17 – source ETFGI.com).

In the US market, where the investment industry has been built around using the stock exchange as the infrastructure for delivering investment solutions to […]

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