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InvestNow is a specialist investment management company focused on meeting the specific needs and requirements of New Zealand investors and clients. Our objective is to provide our clients with access to world-class investment solutions and opportunities, while ensuring that these are easy to use and understand.

Investment vehicle checklist: your ride is here

As InvestNow founder, Anthony Edmonds, explained last month, mapping out your destination by working out your strategic asset allocation (SAA) is the first – and most important – step in planning an investment journey.

While an investor’s SAA helps describe the route, end-point and comfort levels of the proposed trip, an investor has to ultimately choose between different investment vehicles to translate their plan into action.

“Many investors are happy enough taking the bus; others might prefer to drive a car themselves,” Edmonds says. “Or for the thrill-seekers there’s always a motorbike.”

For […]

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Putting your lazy cash to work

If some of you were wondering why you’ve been receiving an e-mail suggesting you put your cash to work, here is the explanation.

Many customers ask if the Transaction Account is interest bearing, which it is not (refer to the FAQ here).  However, what the FAQ also covers is our commitment to remind you when you have cash sitting in your Transaction Account that really isn’t working hard for you at all.  We like to call this Lazy Cash.

This month we kicked off our new Lazy Cash alerts service.

If […]

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Trusts and Anti Money Laundering

We’ve been engaging with a few of our family trust customers lately, requesting additional information as we complete our Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD).  We thought this month’s edition of the InvestNow Magazine would be the ideal opportunity to provide you with some context and background.

Specifically, we have been asking for information relating to the “source of wealth” for family trusts.  Typically, for a trust this might include things like financial accounts for a business the trust owns, evidence of sale of a property or a business, payslips, or information […]

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Investment travel guide: why your portfolio could take you to Palmerston or the Mount

InvestNow has made it easy and cheap for New Zealanders to get to their investment destinations via a huge range of managed funds

But it doesn’t map out the route for them.

“And that’s because we started with the premise that most InvestNow clients would probably be experienced, self-directed investors – or even advisers,” InvestNow founder, Anthony Edmonds says.

However, Edmonds says a surprising number of novice investors have signed up to InvestNow with many of them searching for further guidance on how to build a diversified portfolio of funds.

“Clearly, InvestNow isn’t licensed […]

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FX effects: why global share investors must watch the Kiwi flight pattern

Take the mid 1970s, for example, when the NZ dollar out-flew the US greenback – the big bird of global currencies – by about 50 per cent.

But the days when NZ$1 could purchase US$1.50 are long gone. Since that ‘70s high-point, the Kiwi has plummeted back to earth hitting a low of about US40 cents early this century.

More recently the Kiwi has been flapping around erratically in a broad range of between US50 cents and over US80 cents.

The bizarre, unpredictable flight pattern […]

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New Fund – Pathfinder Commodity Plus Fund

We asked John Berry, Co-Founder and CEO of Pathfinder Asset Management, to shed some light on their Commodity Plus Fund.  Here is what John had to say about the recent performance of the fund and how the fund operates:

“Another solid month for commodities and a strong one for the Pathfinder Commodity Plus Fund.  Momentum is gaining in what appears to be a young vibrant bull market when compared to the decade-old equity run-up.  After a strong first quarter +5.2%, the fund returned an additional 5% during April.

The fund operates by […]

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Coming soon – InvestNow News

In June we will be launching the new InvestNow News service, exclusive to InvestNow customers. 

InvestNow News will deliver news and information from our fund managers, direct to your inbox.  You will set your own preferences using any combination of the following, plus we will also send you articles that we believe you would want to receive:

  • Fund types – Passive, Active, Australian Unit Trusts etc
  • Fund sectors – International Equities, Commodities, Listed Property etc
  • Fund managers

Watch out for your invitation e-mail in the next couple of weeks. […]

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Get real: how to build a property portfolio (but avoid the agents)

Property is the foundation of wealth for most New Zealanders. 

According to the latest data from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ), the value of all the country’s houses now surpasses $1 trillion (albeit with about a quarter of that tied up in debt).

KiwiSaver, by comparison, is getting on to about $50 billion – or 5 per cent of the residential property market.

Yet despite the national obsession with houses prices, relatively few Kiwis could claim to be ‘property investors’: most of […]

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Which funds are the most popular – the Top 50?

This month we’ve taken a look at which funds are the most popular on InvestNow, in particular the top 50 most popular (as at 6th April).  The chart shows the percentages of portfolios which have invested in the Top 50.

Here are some interesting highlights from the data:

  • 14% are passive funds
  • 36% are global equities funds
  • 30% are Australian equities funds

The full results are available below (click the chart to open it up in a separate window/tab).

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What is Two-Factor Authentication and why do we provide it?

Two-factor authentication (TFA) is when an additional layer of security is applied to the process of logging into a website or service online.

Using a username and password, together with a piece of information that only the user knows, makes it harder for potential intruders to gain access and steal a person’s personal data or identity.

We use the Passcode as this unique piece of data, which you use in conjunction with your login name (e-mail) and your password.

Unlike your login name and password, which do not change unless you change them, […]

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