AMP Capital – A short guide to Passive, Index and ETF Investing

In this note we provide an overview of the group of investment vehicle types termed “passive”, “index”, or “Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)”. These are often lumped together in media reporting,and while they have some features in common, there are several important differences that it is important for investors to understand.

This paper does not discuss the arguments for and againstactive versus passive funds management, but explains the key consequences of adopting a passive, indexed approach, whether that is implemented via a managed […]

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Smarter by the dozen: InvestNow adds five NZX passive funds

Media Release – 19th March 2019

New Zealand’s biggest direct-to-consumer managed funds platform, InvestNow, has added five index products to its range in response to customer demand.

Mike Heath, InvestNow general manager, says the platform took on the five exchange-traded funds (ETFs) offered by the NZX-owned Smartshares following a client survey.

“We already had seven Smartshares ETFs on InvestNow but our clients were asking for more choice,” Heath said. “The five new funds were clear favourites among our investors.”

The new Smartshares ETFs now available on InvestNow comprise the: Emerging Markets […]

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Five New Smartshares Funds Available Now!

We recently asked customers which Smartshares funds they would most like added to the range available on InvestNow.

There were five clear favourites and we are really pleased to announce that these are available now, for you to add to your InvestNow portfolio:

  • Emerging Markets Fund
  • NZ Dividend Fund
  • NZ Property Fund
  • US Large Growth Fund
  • US Mid Cap Fund


If you want to learn some more about these, and the other seven Smartshares funds we offer, please visit the

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Sober investing tips: how to handle volatility

Sober investing tips: how to handle volatility

Sober investing tips: how to handle volatility

InvestNow members are generally glass half-full types.

Looking back at the last quarter of 2018, over 90 per cent of investors didn’t spill a drop as share markets served up another round of volatility; about a third of InvestNow members even took the opportunity to top up their portfolios as equities staggered downwards.

But if October left investors stirred, not shaken, the final two months of 2018 threatened to tip them off-balance. The last month of the year, in particular, […]

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Significant enhancements

Our project is underway to deliver a number of key enhancements to the InvestNow experience.  Thank you to all our customers who have responded to our survey or given us feedback, which has made it really clear what your top priorities for change were.

Whilst we don’t have firm dates for delivery, we can say we are moving forward as fast as we can.

Here are what you can expect from these enhancements:

My Funds Performance

In addition to showing you the return for your portfolio ($’s & %) for the past month, past […]

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Cost, confusion, complexity: what Cullen’s CGT means for fund investors

21 February 2019 – Anthony Edmonds, MD Implemented Investment Solutions 

The Tax Working Group (TWG) proposals released this morning would skew New Zealand investors away from local assets, distort the KiwiSaver market and mangle the portfolio investment entity (PIE) regime if introduced, according to the founder of the country’s largest direct-to-consumer managed fund platform.

Anthony Edmonds, InvestNow founder, said while the TWG final report includes some welcome reforms, overall the capital gains tax (CGT) recommendations would add cost, complexity and confusion […]

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2018 … we covered quite a bit of territory

Looking back at what we have covered this year, in our magazine, we’ve covered a real broad spectrum of topics on building and managing your portfolio.  Tax has featured a couple of times along with selecting fund managers and funds.

For this edition we thought we’d take a look back and refresh your memory, providing links to the lead articles of 2018.

Building your portfolio

Excluding performance, about 75 per cent of survey […]

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India Avenue – Equity Fund Factsheet

Following on from last month’s announced addition of the India Avenue Equity Fund, here is a fact sheet providing more background on the fund.

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Holiday hours – Xmas 2018

It’s business as usual for the InvestNow team over the Xmas period.  You can get in touch with us on 0800 499 466 or Monday to Friday (excluding national public holidays).

The fund managers

For some of the fund managers the timeframes and deadlines for processing orders will change slightly.  You can find those details here.

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Current Term Rates – 19th Dec 2018

Here are the current rates our banks are offering1:

1Rates are valid as at 12:00pm 19th December 2018

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