2018 … we covered quite a bit of territory

Looking back at what we have covered this year, in our magazine, we’ve covered a real broad spectrum of topics on building and managing your portfolio.  Tax has featured a couple of times along with selecting fund managers and funds.

For this edition we thought we’d take a look back and refresh your memory, providing links to the lead articles of 2018.

Building your portfolio

Excluding performance, about 75 per cent of survey […]

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India Avenue – Equity Fund Factsheet

Following on from last month’s announced addition of the India Avenue Equity Fund, here is a fact sheet providing more background on the fund.

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Holiday hours – Xmas 2018

It’s business as usual for the InvestNow team over the Xmas period.  You can get in touch with us on 0800 499 466 or contact@investnow.co.nz Monday to Friday (excluding national public holidays).

The fund managers

For some of the fund managers the timeframes and deadlines for processing orders will change slightly.  You can find those details here.

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Current Term Rates – 19th Dec 2018

Here are the current rates our banks are offering1:

1Rates are valid as at 12:00pm 19th December 2018

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Going global: tax tips and traps for local investors

Kiwis like their offshore travel.

According to the latest data from Statistics NZ, almost 264,000 New Zealanders jetted overseas during October 2017 – up about 33,000 compared to the previous October and close to 100,000 above the figure for the same month in 2007.

Perhaps that familiarity with the foreign is why Kiwis are also happy enough to ship their money to global destinations, unaccompanied. Figures from the Reserve Bank of NZ (RBNZ) show the wholesale managed funds market consisted of over $96 billion as at the end of September this year, […]

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SBS Bank join BNZ, offering Term Investments to InvestNow customers!

We are really pleased to announce the addition of SBS Bank Term Investments to InvestNow.

Firmly aligned to our strategy of empowering Kiwi investors to manage their investments in one place and with the least amount of hassle, our Term Deposit offering is a natural complement for managed funds.

Shaun Drylie, SBS chief executive officer, mirrors our strategy when he said the bank is “very excited to be integrating with such an innovative New Zealand company like InvestNow”. “It’s a great fit for both businesses as we’re both focused on helping […]

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India Avenue Equity Fund now available to InvestNow customers!

We are pleased to announce the addition of India Avenue Investment Management to InvestNow!

India Avenue Investment Management on InvestNow


Here is what Mugunthan Siva, Managing Director India Avenue has to say about India Avenue, the Fund and India:

” … our five founders have over 100 years investment and operations experience in Indian capital markets.  The two locations in Sydney and Mumbai allow us to be close to investments and investors. It allows us to communicate grassroots developments in […]

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Battle of the index funds – a comparison by Your Money Blueprint

Here’s a really comprehensive piece of analysis conducted by Nick at “Your Money Blueprint” where he compares InvestNow, SuperLife, Sharesies and Smartshares.  In particular he looks at the impact of charges and fees on investors, at varying levels of investment, when they are investing in the US Top 500 fund.  Well worth a read.

Read on … 


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Traditional Term Deposits Now Available

We are really pleased to announce that we now offer traditional bank Term Deposits (TDs) to InvestNow customers!

Starting initially with the BNZ, over the next few months we will be bringing TDs to InvestNow from a number of banks who operate here in New Zealand.

Great rates!

In support of this launch the BNZ are offering some compelling rates*:

  • 1 month at 1.84%
  • 3 months at 2.75%
  • 6 months at 3.30%
  • 9 months at 3.41%
  • 1 year at 3.52%

*Rates valid as at 12pm […]

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New Harbour and Fisher Funds

Over recent weeks we have added new funds from Harbour Asset Management and Fisher Funds:

Fisher Funds Conservative Fund

  • Diversified fund
  • 1.41% fee
  • PDS

Fisher Funds Growth Fund

  • Diversified fund
  • 1.53% fee
  • PDS

Here is what the team at Fisher Funds had to say about them:

“The Fisher Funds Conservative Fund is a diversified portfolio that aims to provide moderate protection for your investment, while also providing a modest level of return over the […]

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