Investing for and with your kids – Starting young with good financial habits

Investing for and with your kids – Starting young with good financial habits

Parental money worries are not just confined to the demands of early childhood – prams, cots, car-seats, nappies, childcare and whatnot – but to those future big-ticket expenses that your kids will inevitably encounter. And as most parents do, you’ll feel obliged to help out.

However, many of these potential future costs can be quantified and offset with a well-designed and proactive investment plan.

Some of the obvious post-childhood expenses likely to pop up include: […]

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On the way home – How to build a dream house deposit portfolio

On the way home – How to build a dream house property portfolio

The Kiwi dream of home-ownership remains a potent force in the national psyche and a key driver of real financial decisions.

Admittedly, the New Zealand property market has moved on somewhat since the hallowed era of the ‘quarter acre block’ and the cheap-as-chips suburban bungalow. But if the dream has been down-sized, the real estate reality appears further away than ever for the latest generation of Kiwi house-shoppers.

A long period of rampant house price […]

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How to get your assets into gear for retirement

How to get your assets into gear for retirement

Investing success – It’s all about strategy.

With an aging population and the arguable sustainability of NZ super, saving for retirement is moving from a ‘nice-to-have’ to a ‘must-have’, which of course is a massive source of long-term anxiety and a big driving factor among Kiwi investors.

Whether you’re investing for retirement or for some other purpose, designing fit-for-purpose investment portfolios remains one of the most challenging tasks facing DIY investors.

Investors need structuring principles to guide product choices within their […]

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Spreads – Why they’re fair

Spreads – Why they’re fair

When shopping around for funds to invest in. You’ll likely get to a point where progressing with a fund choice might come down to fees.

A common mistake we see investors making, when comparing Managed Funds side-by-side, is assuming that funds with buy and sell spreads (fees) are more expensive than funds without them.  In this article we explain why this isn’t true, and in fact, why buy and sell spreads help to stop investors experiencing hidden costs, and create transparency around […]

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AEOI, CRS and why it’s vital you keep your tax info updated

AEOI, CRS and why it’s vital that you keep your tax residency information updated

Following increasing global concern about money laundering and international tax evasion, highlighted by leaks such as the Panama Papers, New Zealand joined the OECD and many other countries in committing to a new global standard (the CRS, or Common Reporting Standard) on the automatic exchange of financial account information (AEOI). This information is required by law to be collected by financial institutions, including InvestNow, and reported to tax authorities around the world, who exchange this information to […]

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Above benchmark: how indexing has grown up

Above the benchmark:
How indexing has grown up

Vanguard Group founder John C. Bogle in 2014

Passive products are on track to break another benchmark record this year in a move that could see indexers take majority control of the US equities fund market.

According to a late 2018 Bloomberg report, data from research house Morningstar shows passive US share funds grew market share from 45.7 per cent in November 2017 to 48.1 per cent 12 months later.

“They’ll top 50 percent in 2019 […]

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Smartshares – Access to ETFs for New Zealand investors: When is 0.34% cheaper than 0.04%?

Access to ETFs for New Zealand investors – When is 0.34% cheaper than 0.04%?

by Smartshares, April 2019

Passively managed Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are becoming more and more popular among Kiwi investors as a way of gaining cheap access to global shares. Passive ETFs offer low cost, liquidity and broad diversification. In addition, there is decades of evidence to show that passive funds deliver better after-fee returns than the vast majority of actively managed funds.

We are delighted to see the growth in investor interest […]

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Swimming lessons from McDuck: why custody shouldn’t be a mystery

Swimming lessons from McDuck – Why custody shouldn’t be a mystery

Scrooge McDuck loved to splash with cash, swimming solo in the deep, impregnable bank vault that housed his money.

The famous image of McDuck diving into his millions is typically interpreted as greed cartoonified.
But the loaded old duck had his reasons.

As the second-richest fictional character of all time – worth US$33.5 billion, according to Forbes magazine – McDuck clearly put a high value on two of the most important features of money: liquidity and […]

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Sober investing tips: how to handle volatility

Sober investing tips – How to handle volatility

Sober investing tips: how to handle volatility

InvestNow members are generally glass half-full types.

Looking back at the last quarter of 2018, over 90 per cent of investors didn’t spill a drop as share markets served up another round of volatility; about a third of InvestNow members even took the opportunity to top up their portfolios as equities staggered downwards.

But if October left investors stirred, not shaken, the final two months of 2018 threatened to tip them off-balance. The last month of the […]

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Going global – Tax tips and traps for local investors

Going global – Tax tips and traps for local investors

Kiwis like their offshore travel.
According to the latest data from Statistics NZ, almost 264,000 New Zealanders jetted overseas during October 2017 – up about 33,000 compared to the previous October and close to 100,000 above the figure for the same month in 2007.

Perhaps that familiarity with the foreign is why Kiwis are also happy enough to ship their money to global destinations, unaccompanied. Figures from the Reserve Bank of NZ (RBNZ) show the wholesale managed funds market consisted of […]

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