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What Antipodes has to say

Antipodes Partners is a global asset manager offering a pragmatic value approach across long only and long-short strategies (~A$8bn AUM). We aspire to grow client wealth over the long-term by generating absolute returns in excess of the benchmark, at below market levels of risk. We seek to take advantage of the market’s tendency for irrational extrapolation, identify investments that offer a high margin of safety and build portfolios with a capital preservation focus.

Antipodes is majority owned by its seasoned investment team and its performance culture is underpinned by sensible incentives, a focused offering and the outsourcing of non-investment functions to minority partner Pinnacle Investment Management Limited.

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Antipodes funds available on InvestNow

The Antipodes Global Fund (PIE) (the “Fund”) is managed by Implemented Investment Solutions Limited (the “Manager”), with investment management undertaken by Antipodes Partners Limited (the “Investment Manager”). The Fund was registered under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 (FMC Act) in New Zealand on 23 July 2018.

The aim of the Fund is to achieve absolute returns in excess of the MSCI All Country World Net Index in NZD (the Index) over the investment cycle (typically 3-5 years).

The Fund invests in the Antipodes Global Fund – Long – UCITS, S Class (Underlying Fund) and cash or cash equivalent securities. The Underlying Fund’s investment exposure is predominantly to a broad range of international shares listed on stock exchanges in  developed and emerging markets.

The Underlying Fund may use exchange traded derivatives for risk management purposes and to achieve equity exposure.

Summary of fund features

  • Objective to achieve absolute returns in excess of the benchmark over the investment cycle (typically 3-5 years)
  • In the absence of finding individual securities that meet minimum risk-return criteria, cash may be held to maximum 25%
  • Flexibility to hedge for risk management purposes:
  • Currency exposure of the underlying stock position (net short currency position not permitted)
  • Equity market exposure via exchange traded derivatives (limited to 10% of NAV)
  • Leverage not permitted

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