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Clarity Funds is one of 20+ specialist Fund Managers that have partnered with InvestNow. Clarity Funds has funds available to invest in via the InvestNow KiwiSaver Scheme – Find out more about the InvestNow KiwiSaver Scheme here.

What Clarity Funds has to say

Clarity Funds Management Limited (Clarity Funds) is a specialist funds management firm based in Takapuna, Auckland. Clarity Funds was originally established as a part of financial advisory firm JMI Wealth, and is today a part of the larger Investment Services Group (ISG). ISG is a New Zealand firm, wholly owned by its employees and directors.

Clarity Funds offers a range of investment funds to suit a variety of different investment goals. The specialist funds available through Clarity Funds include New Zealand bonds, New Zealand and Trans-Tasman equities and global equities. Clarity Funds pursues an active investment approach, which means that each of the strategies are intended to outperform their respective benchmarks over the long term. As at August 2020, Clarity Funds has over $550mn in funds under management.

Clarity Funds available on InvestNow

The Global Shares Fund has been designed to provide actively managed exposure to international equities, and aims to generate a better return than the benchmark over the medium to long term (five years or more). The Global Shares Fund invests in a portfolio of well-diversified global securities listed on sharemarkets around the world.

We have appointed the highly regarded fund manager MFS Investment Management (MFS) as the underlying investment manager for the Global Shares Fund. MFS is an active global asset manager with investment offices around the world including in Boston, Hong Kong, London and Tokyo.

Our investment mandate combines MFS’ fundamental and quantitative research, focusing on high quality, large-cap global companies selling at reasonable valuations.

The Global Shares Fund is benchmarked against the MSCI All Country World ex-Tobacco Index (net dividends reinvested) in New Zealand dollars (50% hedged to the New Zealand dollar).

The Global Shares Fund may be suitable for those investors who are comfortable with a higher risk in the short-term for improved longer-term returns.

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