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Fisher Funds is one of 20+ specialist Fund Managers that have partnered with InvestNow.

What Fisher Funds has to say

Fisher Funds is a specialist investment manager. Since 1998, our mission has been to make investing understandable, enjoyable and profitable for New Zealand investors. We aim to do this by delivering great investment returns and superb client service.

We’re one of New Zealand’s largest investment managers and today we manage more than $7 billion for over 260,000 investors.

How we can help investors

We offer a wide range of investment solutions including managed funds and KiwiSaver. Investors have access to solutions right across the asset classes. Whatever your objective – preservation or accumulation of your wealth – we can help.

Why invest with Us?

For nearly 20 years, we’ve helped thousands of investors on their investment journey. We know our stuff, and our experience almost puts us in the vintage category!

We have one of the largest and most experienced investment teams in New Zealand. Fisher Funds has ‘been there, done that’ and there aren’t many investment conditions that we haven’t navigated our way through.

We are accountable, transparent and candid in everything we do. You will always know where your money is invested and how it is performing. We believe communication is as important as investing – we’re proud of what we do and we want to share it with you.

Exceptional service
Client service is at the core of everything we do as a company. Our passion for doing right by our clients is what makes Fisher Funds truly special.

We are big enough to matter and small enough to care. More than 260,000 clients trust us to manage their savings. Whether you are a first time investor or a seasoned investor, we can help you.

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Fisher Funds available on InvestNow

The Australian Growth Fund gives investors targeted access to a hand-picked portfolio of quality growing Australian businesses. These companies are often overlooked by investors as they are not familiar with them or there is limited research available.

The BondPlus Fund invests in international fixed interest assets and seeks to provide moderate protection for your investment, while also generating modest returns over the long term. The Fund’s assets are managed by external managers, PIMCO and Wellington.

The CashPlus Fund aims to provide protection for your investment and a return that is better than 90-day bank bills by investing in New Zealand cash and New Zealand fixed interest assets.

The Fisher Funds Conservative Fund is a diversified portfolio that aims to provide moderate protection for your investment, while also providing a modest level of return over the short to medium term. It invests in mainly income assets (target 72.5%) with a small amount in growth assets (target 27.5%).

The Global Fund aims to achieve capital growth over the long term by investing in international shares only.

The Fisher Funds Growth Fund is a diversified portfolio that aims to grow your investment with more focus on capital growth over the long term. It invests in mainly growth assets.

The Income Fund aims to preserve your capital while generating positive, better than bank returns.  We do this by actively managing a hand-picked portfolio of cash and fixed interest securities from around the world.

The International Growth Fund gives investors access to a portfolio of quality international companies through a single tax efficient investment. The global stage offers us access to a wider universe of investment opportunities and we have the flexibility to invest anywhere outside of New Zealand and Australia.

The New Zealand Growth Fund is our flagship fund. It was established in 1998 and invests in a hand-picked portfolio of approximately 20 quality New Zealand growth companies at any one time.

The New Zealand Fixed Income Trust aims to provide protection for your investment, while also generating a stable level of return over the long term. It invests in New Zealand fixed interest assets only.

The Multi Sector Funds aims to provide a balance between protecting your investment and growing it over the long term. It invests in a mix of cash, fixed interest, shares and property.

The Fund comprises a hand-picked portfolio of listed property and infrastructure assets from New Zealand and around the world. We think of this Fund as the ‘backbone’ Fund of our managed funds range because these assets are the backbone of economies and indeed it’s reasonable for this Fund to be the backbone of your portfolio as well.

The Trans Tasman Equity Trust aims to achieve capital growth over the long term by investing in a mix of New Zealand shares (target weighting 70%) and Australian shares (target weighting 30%).

Product Disclosure Statements for these products are available to view here.

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