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Harbour Asset Management is one of 20+ specialist Fund Managers that have partnered with InvestNow. Harbour Asset Management funds are also available to invest in via the InvestNow KiwiSaver Scheme – Find out more about the InvestNow KiwiSaver Scheme here.

What Harbour Asset Management has to say

“We are a proven New Zealand based Investment Management company that delivers market-leading investment outcomes for our clients. Responsible investing is core to our investment philosophy.” – Harbour Asset Management

Founded in Wellington in 2009, Harbour Asset Management is one of New Zealand’s most highly rated investment managers. “We take pride in delivering market-leading investment outcomes for our clients. Our clients include KiwiSaver funds, charitable trusts, iwi, government institutions, corporate superannuation funds, financial advisors and individual investors.”

Harbour Investment Funds are issued by Harbour Asset Management Ltd.

Harbour Asset Management funds available on InvestNow

The Harbour Active Growth Fund is a diversified fund, designed to target a return of the OCR + 5% over rolling 5 year periods. It is designed as a standalone diversified fund, but can also be mixed with other funds to add diversity to an investors overall portfolio. The Fund utilises high conviction investments managed by Harbour, complemented with global managers such as T. Rowe Price, Baillie Gifford and Western Asset Management. It has a target allocation of 70% to growth assets but this is actively managed to respond to market conditions.

A concentrated ‘best ideas’ growth fund, holding Australasian listed equities (usually 15-25) which receive a high rating from our in-house analysts. The Fund is designed to deliver strong growth over the long term, through investing in a smaller number of high quality companies with strong growth prospects.

An actively managed growth fund, providing exposure to Australasian listed equities (usually 25 to 45 at a time). This Fund is designed to provide long-term capital growth through investing in New Zealand and Australian stocks with strong growth potential. It aims to outperform the local equity market.

A diversified portfolio of Australasian listed equities (usually 40-60), designed to generate consistent levels of income with less volatility than other equity funds. The stock picking process for this Fund blends a strong quantitative selection process with a qualitative research overlay.

A diversified fund designed for investors who want to generate a steady and sustainable income across all market cycles, without sacrificing capital growth. It aims to exceed the official cash rate plus 3.5% per annum (over rolling 3 year periods).

An actively managed fund which invests principally, through both long and short positions, in listed Australasian equities. This Fund is designed to deliver positive absolute returns through the economic cycle with low volatility and low correlation of returns with equity markets.

An actively managed fund that holds a mix of NZ Government and corporate bonds, designed as a risk-diversifier for those investors that also hold riskier assets such as equities and property.

A fixed interest fund that is designed to provide income through the yields available from investment grade NZ corporate bonds.

This NZ equities Fund bridges the gap between active and passive management. It tracks the S&P/NZX Portfolio Index, but with tilts towards companies which score well in our financial models. It is designed to have the lower fees of a passive fund, with a similar risk profile to the New Zealand equities market, and have the potential to outperform the market through quantitative research and skilful management.

An actively-managed fund that invests in listed companies that derive their economic value predominantly from owning or controlling real estate. The Fund provides investors with easier access to a diversified portfolio of different types of commercial and industrial property

A high conviction, truly global equity portfolio seeking to invest in companies with above-average and sustainable growth characteristics. The Fund invests in a broadly diversified portfolio of global equities, typically comprising around 150 stocks.

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