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What India Avenue Investment Management has to say

India Avenue Investment Management (India Avenue) is a specialist, boutique investment firm based in Sydney, Australia. Our firm is focused on providing simple but effective investment solutions for Australian and New Zealand based investors seeking to benefit from India’s strong economic growth by investing in its vibrant capital markets.

India Avenue has offices in Sydney, Australia and Mumbai, India and provides grassroots insights and knowledge to help its clients understand the virtues and risks of investing in India for the purpose of achieving long-term growth in their investment portfolios.

India Avenue’s Equity Fund holds at any time 40-60 listed Indian domiciled companies in its portfolio, which have exposure to India’s significantly, youthful and vibrant demographics. As the Indian economy experiences strong growth due to these demographics, it creates substantial opportunity for companies to grow their profits rapidly as consumer tastes and preferences evolve, the need for financial services increase and the requirements for infrastructure and manufacturing intensify.

India Avenue Investment Management funds available on InvestNow

The Fund seeks to provide long-term capital growth to clients by investing in listed shares of companies benefitting from strong economic growth in India. We believe India’s growth creates a vibrant ecosystem for companies to grow their profits from growing consumption, infrastructure, technology and financial needs of a significant (over 1.3 billion people) and youthful (50% aged 26 or below) population.

By investing in a diverse portfolio of companies, it is our belief that we can generate outperformance of our passive, market-capitalization weighted benchmark (MSCI India), with less volatility, over rolling 5 year periods.

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