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Mint Asset Management is a boutique investment management business based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Mint offers a targeted range of investment strategies which are managed by a group of highly experienced investment professionals. The business is wholly owned by staff, which aligns our interests with our clients, and generating investment returns is all we do. We are active managers which means we apply our own research when investing and we re-evaluate these positions on a consistent basis. We have a track record of success both as individuals and as a team at Mint, we are independent and our focus is on adding value for our clients over the long term.

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Mint Australasian Equity Fund has a portfolio of actively managed Australian and New Zealand shares. The Fund targets consistent capital growth which is achieved through investing in a range of companies that will benefit at every stage of the economic cycle.

Mint Australasian Property Fund targets a total return from investing predominantly in Australian and New Zealand shares which generate income and capital gains for investors from the ownership and management of commercial property assets.

Mint Diversified Growth Fund This is a multi-asset class Fund that offers a diversified portfolio and aims to provide capital growth over the long-term. The Fund invests primarily in New Zealand and international equities, but will also hold cash and fixed interest securities. The objective of the Fund is to deliver returns in excess of the Consumers Price Index (CPI) by 4.5% per annum, before fees, over the medium to long term.  The Fund’s relevant market index is a composite index derived from the underlying asset classes of the Fund. Investors should expect returns and risk to sit between the risk profiles of the property and equities asset classes

Mint Diversified Income Fund looks to offer investors a sustainable income, whilst generating enough capital growth to protect the income generating capital at or above inflation levels. The Fund will look to achieve this objective by investing in a diversified range of assets which will include: cash, New Zealand and international fixed interest, New Zealand and international equities and listed property.