Invest – Where to start

Start by creating a free online InvestNow account – if’ you’ve already got one, fantastic! Once your account is set up, you will get access to more information, including historical performance data, fee data (fees from fund managers, not us) and product disclosure statements (PDSs), on the funds we have available through the ‘Invest’ tab in your online account. You’ll also be able to view and invest in multiple Term Deposit options from here too – Please refer to our ‘Term Deposits’ page for more information on Term Deposits.

‘How do I choose the managed funds that are right for me?’ – Asset allocation
There are two over-arching types of investments. Income investments and Growth investments. Income Investments describe fixed interest and cash-like assets, which are considered to be low-risk. Growth Investments describe assets like shares which are considered to be high-risk.

It’s important to note that high-risk assets are not bad, and generally speaking, the higher the risk the higher the potential return; however risk exposure is a personal financial decision that needs to align with your circumstances such as:

  • Age
  • Available capital
  • How comfortable you are with risk

An easy way to determine your asset mix is by using the Sorted ‘Investor Kickstarter’ calculator. The calculator will ask you a series of personal questions to then categorise you as a certain ‘investor type’ which will then provide a percentage-based mix of asset classes appropriate for your ‘investor type’.

Example: ‘Aggressive’ Investor type asset mix

Below is a breakdown of the specific fund types that InvestNow offer to investors, linking them to the Sorted result categories:

In addition, InvestNow also offers two other fund types that sit nicely in the middle-ground of ‘Income & Growth’ alongside Property. These fund types are:

Another investment that would be considered an income investment type would be Term Deposits. Adding in Term Deposits to your portfolio is a great way to diversify your investments and reduce overall risk. Click here to go to our Term Deposits page to see our current offering.

Things to consider..

  • Asset allocation is not a ‘set and forget’ task. Regular reviews, to make sure your assets are right for your circumstances, are helpful.
  • Appropriate risk level – As you increase in age and get closer to the time you need to access your capital, the less risk you may want to take – Increase you portfolio weighting towards income investments (low-risk).
  • For information on specific funds InvestNow offer, please refer to our range of funds page, of which includes Product Disclosure Statements (PDS’s) of each individual fund.
  • If you are still unsure, use our LikeMe tool to see what other InvestNow customers like you are investing in, for some ideas on where to start.

Please note:
InvestNow does not offer personalised investment advice, we just focus on giving our customers the freedom to choose their investments combined with the convenience of an online solution. If you have any questions about InvestNow or need assistance in the account and transaction process, please contact us and we will be happy to help.