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The single most common thing our customers have asked us for is the ability to regularly invest in their portfolio, by setting up some form of automatic investing facility.

I’m really pleased to let you know that it’s here – the InvestNow Regular Investment Plan.

You can now set up automated investments in your portfolio, over a range of intervals e.g. weekly, monthly etc.

We’ve created a really useful landing page to explain all that you need to know about the Regular Investment Plans.

Here are the top FAQs:

How many plans can I set up and run?

You can have one investment plan per portfolio.  You have access to the full range of our funds and there is no limit to the number of funds you can have set up in your plan.

How do I fund my plan?

You need to have sufficient cash in your Transaction Account – one way to do this is set up an automatic payment from your nominated bank account, transferring the required amount of cash a few days before your plan is due to run.  We will then debit your InvestNow Transaction Account to fund your plan.

If you do not have sufficient cash in your Transaction Account, we will retry for three working days, after which, if you still do not have sufficient cash, the investment will not occur.  We will send you an e-mail advising you of this situation, to remind you to deposit the required monies.

Tip:  The details you currently use for your deposits into your InvestNow account are the exact same ones you must use for any automatic payment you set up. 

What is the minimum investment amount?

Per fund, we have dropped the investment limit to $50 per fund, so for example you could have four funds in your plan, each investing at the minimum amount of $50 each, therefore your plan is set up to invest $200.

How often can my plan run?

We offer weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly and six monthly options.  We will send you an e-mail on the day your plan runs, to act as a reminder.  If you have set a stop date for a plan, we will also remind you on the day it stops.

For all the details about the plans, please visit the landing page here.

We know many of you are really keen to use Regular Investment Plans, and we thank you for your patience.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 0800 499 466 or, should you have any questions or feedback about our new Regular Investment Plan service.

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