New shares from Morphic Asset Management, ANZ Investments, Devon and Fisher Funds.

Morphic Asset Management

We have a new fund manager on InvestNow – Morphic Asset Management.  Hailing from Sydney, Morphic is a global equity investment manager. They manage the Morphic Global Opportunities Fund for high net worth, retail and institutional investors. Founded in 2012, they are focused, vigilant and agile in their approach and believe the financial industry can leverage capitalist principles to create a better world (a hint that their global opportunities fund is ethical).

ANZ Investments, Devon & Fisher Funds

We have also added 12 new funds from ANZ Investments, Devon and Fisher Funds.  These funds cover all the major sectors and are all PIEs.

Fund Sector Fee* PDS
Property Securities Fund Listed Property 1.12% Download
Australian Share Fund Australasian Equities 1.22% Download
New Zealand Share Fund Australasian Equities 1.13% Download
Equity Selection Fund Australasian Equities 1.27% Download
Devon Alpha Fund Australasian Equities 1.25% Download
Global Fund International Equities 1.88% Download
Multi Sector Fund Diversified 1.87% Download
CashPlus Fund Cash and Cash Equivalents 0.88% Download
New Zealand Fixed Income Trust New Zealand Fixed Interest 1.17% Download
BondPlus Fund International Fixed Interest 1.34% Download
Morphic Global Opportunities Fund International Equities 1.81% Download
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