In August we added seven ETFs from Smartshares.

We are able to bring this to our customers with no brokerage costs, no account costs and no need for our customers to make any ongoing commitments i.e. they can place orders for Smartshares ETFs as often or as infrequently as they wish, all for a low minimum investment amount of $250.

Here are some other benefits you may not be aware of, with regards to our Smartshares offering:

  • When it comes to selling any units in Smartshares, you can sell from within your InvestNow account, with no transaction costs, so you don’t need to engage a broker for this
  • We do not charge any set-up fees, transfer fees, brokerage or exit/withdrawal fees
  • You do not have to make any regular contributions (see below for an update regarding our regular investor capability)
  • Buy and sell orders are processed every working day, with buy orders taking two working days to settle and sell orders completed in three working days
  • Deposits into your InvestNow transaction account, to fund investing in Smartshares, are processed every working day of the year.

Please note that as listed PIEs, all income from Smartshares is taxed at 28%. If you invest in Smartshares and have a tax rate lower than 28%, the excess tax paid by a fund may be able to be used to reduce the tax payable on other income that you derive at the end of each income year by including the distributions from the fund(s) in your tax return. You can refer to the Smartshares Other Material Information – Tax document for further details.

Also, as many of you have been asking, we’ve had to juggle some development priorities, which has resulted in a minor delay, but we are now on track to have regular investing capability live from mid next month (Sept).

See our Smartshares range of funds
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