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InvestNow News is a channel we have specifically for communications from InvestNow Fund Managers to InvestNow customers. Here you will find weekly commentary from industry experts.

Platinum Asset Management joins InvestNow!

12th June 2019 Things don't stay the same for long around here. We added the 8 new Smartshares funds last week and Milford yesterday.  Now it's today's announcement. Platinum Asset Management and the Platinum International Fund are [...]

ANZ TDs now available on InvestNow!

19th June 2019 Yet more great news - you can now add ANZ Term Deposits to your InvestNow portfolio! Alongside the 100+ managed funds, we now provide Kiwi investors with the ability to invest in [...]

Milford joins InvestNow!

  11th June 2019 Following closely on from the addition of the 8 new Smartshares funds last week, we are really pleased to announce that Milford Asset Management have joined InvestNow. Milford Diversified Income Fund [...]

Smartshares iShares Launch

6th June 2019 Having teamed up with Blackrock, Smartshares are offering 8 new funds, all of which are available on InvestNow: Smartshares Global Equities ESG Smartshares US Equities ESG Smartshares Europe Equities ESG Smartshares Japan Equities [...]

Recap – New funds added over recent months

The aim of the Fund is to achieve absolute returns in excess of the MSCI All Country World Net Index in NZD (the Index) over the investment cycle (typically 3-5 years). The Fund invests in [...]

May 2019 – Russell Investments

Commentator - Fiona Lintott, Director Client and Investor Services, Russell Investments Q1:  What is your view on spreads – should retail funds have buy/sell spreads and why/why [...]

May 2019 – Harbour Asset Management

Commentator - Ainsley McLaren, Executive Director Summary Harbour Investment Funds (Harbour Funds, or Funds) are all priced on a daily basis.  The unit price is calculated by [...]

May 2019 – AMP Capital

Commentator - Rebekah Swan - ESG Investment Specialist, NZ / Client Advocate / Head of Product Q1:  What is your view on spreads – should retail funds [...]

Smarter by the dozen: InvestNow adds five NZX passive funds

Media Release - 19th March 2019 New Zealand’s biggest direct-to-consumer managed funds platform, InvestNow, has added five index products to its range in response to customer demand. Mike Heath, InvestNow general manager, says the platform [...]

Five New Smartshares Funds Available Now!

We recently asked customers which Smartshares funds they would most like added to the range available on InvestNow. There were five clear favourites and we are really pleased to announce that these are available now, [...]

2018 … we covered quite a bit of territory

Looking back at what we have covered this year, in our magazine, we’ve covered a real broad spectrum of topics on building and managing your portfolio.  Tax has featured a couple of times along [...]

Holiday hours – Xmas 2018

It’s business as usual for the InvestNow team over the Xmas period.  You can get in touch with us on 0800 499 466 or Monday to Friday (excluding national public holidays). The fund [...]

Traditional Term Deposits Now Available

We are really pleased to announce that we now offer traditional bank Term Deposits (TDs) to InvestNow customers! Starting initially with the BNZ, over the next few months we will be bringing TDs to InvestNow from [...]

New Harbour and Fisher Funds

Over recent weeks we have added new funds from Harbour Asset Management and Fisher Funds: Fisher Funds Conservative Fund Diversified fund 1.41% fee PDS Fisher Funds Growth Fund Diversified fund 1.53% fee PDS Here [...]

NEW – Harbour Real Estate Investment Fund

We are pleased to announce the addition of the new Harbour Real Estate Investment Fund. Launched 1st October, this brings the number of Listed Property funds we offer to 7 in total. About the fund Here is how [...]

New Funds!

It’s been a while since we added new funds, but over the next couple of months you will see a string of new funds and new managers available on InvestNow. Starting in September, [...]

Deposits & Withdrawals – settlement timeframes

Following on from last month, where we talked about the timeframes associated with buying and selling managed funds, and how they differed by fund and manager, this month we shall cover deposits and withdrawals. [...]

Yes, we do offer Children’s accounts

If you’d like to set up a Children’s account we are here to help.  Just drop us an e-mail ( with the details we need (see the Children’s Account FAQ). Like all investors, we [...]

InvestNow News 7th June – AMP Capital – ESG WRAP

28th May - Emily Woodland, Co-Head of Sustainable Investment, Listed Equities Hong Kong, China Welcome to the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Wrap, where our team shares the latest ESG issues and their implications for investors. Watch our [...]

InvestNow News 17th May – AMP Capital – ESG Wrap

April 2019 Welcome to the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Wrap, where our team shares the latest ESG issues and their implications for investors. Gender diversity features as a theme in this edition, which is [...]

InvestNow News 3rd May – Fisher – The heart valve rockstar

Ashley Gardyne, Senior Portfolio Manager — International Shares17 April, 2019 There were two newsworthy developments for our portfolio company Edwards Lifesciences over the last month. Firstly, its breakthrough transcatheter aortic heart valve received some great [...]

InvestNow News 22nd Mar – AMP – Market Watch

5 March 2019 - Greg Fleming, Head of Investment Strategy February saw a continuation of world equity markets’ rebound, with volatility falling and growth assets stronger across the board, as the impact of a lower [...]

InvestNow News 15th Mar – AMP – ESG Wrap

Welcome to the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Wrap, where AMP Capital's ESG team share the latest ESG issues in the media and their implications on investment. This month the key ESG issues making headlines are: [...]

InvestNow News 22nd Feb – Russell – Fact Sheets

Feb 2019 Please see the links below for your fund fact sheets for January 2019: RIML Global Bond Fund Russell Investments Global Opportunities Fund Russell Investments Global Opportunities Fund $NZ hedged Russell Investments Global Fixed [...]

InvestNow News 7th December – Devon – November Update

November Interest Piece Global equity markets continued to trade with an elevated level of volatility during November as investors were challenged by slowing global growth and tightening financial conditions. Despite this backdrop the New [...]

InvestNow News 14th September – Mint – August Report

31st August 2018 Market Commentary August was reporting season for many listed companies across New Zealand and Australia. Overall, results were in line with expectations and outlook statements were slightly soft. Against this backdrop, [...]

InvestNow News 7th September – Smartshares – $3 Billion

23rd August 2018 Smartshares surpasses $3 billion in funds under management Smartshares, which manages New Zealand's range of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and the SuperLife KiwiSaver scheme, has surpassed $3 billion funds under management (FUM). [...]

InvestNow News 24th August – Harbour Asset Management – Outlook

23rd August 2018 Continued growth of responsible investment in New Zealand The Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA) has recently published the fourth annual New Zealand Responsible benchmark report [1]  that shows the size and growth of responsible investing in New Zealand over the [...]

Putting your lazy cash to work

If some of you were wondering why you’ve been receiving an e-mail suggesting you put your cash to work, here is the explanation. Many customers ask if the Transaction Account is interest bearing, which [...]

Trusts and Anti Money Laundering

We’ve been engaging with a few of our family trust customers lately, requesting additional information as we complete our Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD).  We thought this month’s edition of the InvestNow Magazine would be [...]

New Fund – Pathfinder Commodity Plus Fund

We asked John Berry, Co-Founder and CEO of Pathfinder Asset Management, to shed some light on their Commodity Plus Fund.  Here is what John had to say about the recent performance of the fund [...]

Coming soon – InvestNow News

In June we will be launching the new InvestNow News service, exclusive to InvestNow customers.  InvestNow News will deliver news and information from our fund managers, direct to your inbox.  You will set your [...]

Distributions Received as Cash

If you have elected to receive distributions as cash, as opposed to having them reinvested into a fund, it’s important that you know that any cash will be credited to your InvestNow transaction account. [...]

Funds and Fund Manager Updates

New Fund Manager – Legg Mason This week we added a new Fund Manager, Legg Mason, and their Legg Mason Brandywine Opportunistic Fixed Income Fund. Legg Mason has over a century [...]

My Investor ID – what is it and how do I find it?

The Investor ID is a unique numerical identifier for each and every InvestNow account - it's like an account number. Because you can create multiple accounts with InvestNow, and with common characteristics, it's the [...]

Fund Update – AMP Capital NZ Property Fund

Effective 3rd April 2018, the AMP Capital NZ Property Fund (AIF P) is to be renamed the Australasian Property Index Fund and will start distributing income on a half-yearly basis. Please read the update from [...]

PIE Tax Update – 2019

2019 PIE tax timeline Thursday 28 March: email sent advising the estimated PIE tax liability for all investors owing PIE tax Monday 1 April: last day to request a change in your PIR (Prescribed Investor [...]

Rabobank customer update

We are getting closer to the end of the programme whereby we have established your InvestNow account and are ready to transfer the assets at, or around, March 31st.  Thanks to the thousands of you [...]

Making Deposits & Withdrawals

Making Deposits & Withdrawals Deposits To deposit funds, all you need is to know is the bank account details for our custodian and the unique identifier for your account.  Having logged in, click on Quick [...]

InvestNow Order Status 101

When you buy or sell managed funds with InvestNow, we will apply a number of statuses, reflecting the most recent action taken for each order: Pending Approval required Processing Completed Cancelled If you have [...]

Fund Manager Updates

AMP Capital strategy changes AMP Capital have advised us of the following changes in their investment strategies: AMP Capital Responsible Investment Leaders (RIL) Funds The international fixed interest component of the AMP RIL [...]

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Can I receive my Passcode as a text message (instead of an e-mail)? Yes you can, just follow these simple steps: Login to your InvestNow account. Click on the Profile icon – it’s the [...]

Our extensive range of funds and fund managers

As the process for adding the new managers and funds, to include those currently offered by RaboDirect, is almost complete we have extended our range of funds to 78 funds from 15 managers. [...]

Children’s Accounts

Many of our customers have asked if InvestNow offers accounts for children - the answer is simply, yes. Due to the specific requirements around setting up these accounts, we recommend that customers contact us during [...]

Fund Manager Updates

We have recently received updates from AMP Capital, Mint Asset Management, Nikko Asset Management and Smartshares – please click below to read/review the relevant updates: AMP Capital Investment Funds – Financial Statements Mint Asset Management [...]

The Investor Report

Accessed through the My Documents page, the Investor Report gives you a full and detailed breakdown of all activity within your portfolio for the period you define, covering all transactional and financial aspects of your portfolio [...]