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Why use InvestNow – No transaction or admin fees and No middlemen

  • InvestNow offers direct access to funds from some of the largest fund providers from around the world, and here in NZ.
  • We offer a “no-advice” model which provides you with 24/7 freedom for managed funds investing, with no middleman taking a clip of the ticket along the way
  • We are a local Kiwi business, based in Wellington, and offered to you by people with decades of proven experience in the NZ investments industry
  • For as a little as $50 when part of your Regular Investment Plan or $250 for one-off investments, you can access some funds which would normally have a minimum investment amount in excess of $500,000
Zero transaction or admin fees and Zero middlemen
local Kiwi business
 with no middleman taking a clip
most popular managed funds here in NZ