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How Do We Compare?

To help you make the best decision, in terms of which service is the best one for you as someone who wants to directly manage their managed funds investments.

We thought a simple table, showing comparable services, would be a useful reference for you.

The information below is as at 17st July 2017.


  1. Products that are the brands of 3rd parties, other than the “Provider” listed in this table
  2. InvestNow does not charge admin or transaction fees
  3. The minimum deposit amount for the Transaction Account is $250. Minimum investment amount for Managed Funds purchases is $50, when part of a Regular Investment Plan, or $250 for one-off investments. There is no minimum balance for the Transaction Account or Managed Funds holdings.
  4. AUTs only, at launch
  5. Entry fees are charged.
  6. Per fund minimum investment
  7. $30 per annum per member
  8. Each fund has an establishment fee of $30
  9. Initial minimum contribution per fund
  10. Annual administration fee of $12. $18 if you elect to receive paper-based statements.
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