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How Do We Compare?

We thought a simple table, showing comparable services, would be a useful reference for self-directed Kiwi investors for managing their investment portfolios.

The information below is as at 28th Feb 2018.


1:  Products that are the brands of 3rd parties, other than the “Provider” listed in this table
2:  InvestNow does not charge admin or transaction fees
3:  Minimum investment amount for Managed Funds purchases is $50, when part of a Regular Investment Plan, or $250 for one-off investments.  There is no minimum balance for the Transaction Account or Managed Funds holdings.
4:  InvestNow offer a number of Australian Unit Trusts (AUTs)
5:  InvestNow offers a range of Smartshares Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
6:  Per fund minimum investment
7:  Simplicity’s fee is $30 per annum per fund per member
8:  Smartshares has an establishment fee of $30
9:  Initial minimum contribution per fund, with an ongoing minimum of $50 per month
10:  Superlife’s annual administration fee is $12, or $18 if you elect to receive paper-based statements

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