Off Market Transfers – Real Easy

If you currently hold units in any of the funds we offer directly or through another service provider, and would like to transfer those units to your InvestNow portfolio, it’s really easy to do.  By the way, it’s referred to as an “Off Market Transfer”.

It’s obviously more convenient to have access to all your managed funds investments in one place, particularly when that one place, InvestNow, can give you comprehensive portfolio and tax reporting, at the click of a mouse.

We’ve created a really simple process to facilitate the off market transfer – all you need to do is complete this online form and we will be in touch.

Please note Sharesies are unable to facilitate off-market-transfers.  To transfer any investments from Sharesies to InvestNow, they have advised that you will need to sell your holdings on Sharesies, deposit the sale proceeds into your InvestNow portfolio, and then buy the fund(s) you wish to hold.

Don’t hesitate to contact us ( or 0800 499 466 8:00am to 5:00pm Mon to Fri, excluding public holidays) if you want to discuss this or any other matter with us.

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