Traditional Term Deposits Now Available

We are really pleased to announce that we now offer traditional bank Term Deposits (TDs) to InvestNow customers!

Starting initially with the BNZ, over the next few months we will be bringing TDs to InvestNow from a number of banks who operate here in New Zealand.

Great rates!

In support of this launch the BNZ are offering some compelling rates*:

  • 1 month at 1.84%
  • 3 months at 2.75%
  • 6 months at 3.30%
  • 9 months at 3.41%
  • 1 year at 3.52%

*Rates valid as at 12pm Wednesday 31st October

Confirm your tax rate

Before investing in your first TD, can you please take a moment to check the Tax Rate (RWT rate) you selected when you first established your InvestNow account.  If you need to change it please do so before you buy your first TD.

Select the “Profile” icon:

Select the “Edit” link for Investor Details:

Add term deposits to your portfolio

Once logged in, you can now invest in TDs from the BNZ, simply by selecting Term Deposits under the INVEST page:

Select the term that you wish to invest in, with a minimum investment of $2,000, and your TD will be placed with the BNZ.  Overnight the BNZ will confirm your order, after which the Term Deposit will appear in your InvestNow portfolio.  You can choose to have the TD rollover at maturity (principal plus interest or principal only) or have it mature with the principal and net interest credited to your InvestNow Transaction Account.

Tell us what you think

We’d really like to receive your firsthand feedback on your experience, including any suggestions you may have as to how we can enhance the offering.

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