What’s New – New Fund Selector and Advanced Charts (Beta release)

We are really pleased to announce that our beta release of the Morningstar Fund Selector and Advanced Charts is now live (apologies for the delay as we know many of you have been waiting for these enhancements for some time).

Here is the new functionality and content (click each of the images for a better view)

  • A refined Main Navigation, including Term Deposits getting a dedicated page.
  • From Morningstar, the new Advanced Charts which provide you with full price history for every fund on InvestNow and tools to customise the charts displayed to suit your needs.
  • Also from Morningstar, the new Fund Selector which provides more filters to find what you are looking for, plus an extended range of data for each fund on InvestNow.

New Main Navigation – We have merged the “Home” and “Holdings” pages into one, providing a single overview of your current portfolio in both a valuations and weightings view.

Term Deposits get their own page for you to select the bank term deposits to add to your portfolio.  The new “Fund Selector” page replaces the old “Invest” page and it is here where you choose which funds to invest in.

On the “Home” page you will see the first of the new enhancements from Morningstar – Advanced Charts.  Under the “Actions” column heading you will see a graph icon.

Click on this link and you will be presented with the new Advanced Charts.   These charts provide you with full price history for each fund on InvestNow.  You can select how far back you want to go; change the data interval displayed; add events such as distribution dates and trend lines plus change the type of chart you want to see.

Fund Selector page – we have retained our old fund selector (Basic View) and have now added the new Advanced View from Morningstar, providing significantly more functionality and data to help you find the funds that meet your personal criteria.

Once you have filtered your choices, you can then dig deeper into each of the funds.  There are three new displays, providing richer data for the funds displayed:

  • Overview
  • Performance
  • Fund Details

Under the Overview tab you are presented with the headline fund details – asset category, fees, 1y and 5y performance data.  You can access copies of each PDS, fact sheet and the Advanced Chart for each fund.  And if you have sufficient cash in your Transaction Account you can buy funds on this page.

The Performance tab provides a more expansive view of performance, ranging from 1month to 10 years – each of the columns are sortable, just click on the column title.

And finally, the Fund Details tab displays additional data such as the management style, fund type, distribution frequency and size of the funds (Net Assets).  Don’t forget you can access the PDSs, fact sheets and advanced charts from any of the tabs.

Click on the chart icon, in the Actions column, to access the Advanced Chart for each fund.