Year End PIE Tax – 31 March 2018

Whilst it’s a few months away, we thought we’d provide you with a quick update/reminder on the year-end PIE tax process.

  • In early March 2018 we will advise you of any estimated PIE tax obligation for the year. At year-end (31 March) we will fund your obligation from the available cash in your Transaction Account. However,  if you do not have enough available cash, we will sell units in your PIE holdings on a proportionate basis.  Here is a link to the FAQ which explains that process in more detail.
  • It is important that your PIR rate is correct. Please take a moment, as soon as possible, to check it. If you are not sure what a PIR is, here is a link that may help, and if you are not sure what your PIR rate should be, please have a read of our FAQ here.
  • And finally, if you need to have the PIR rate changed, here is what you need to do.
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