InvestNow KiwiSaver Scheme – Range of Managed Funds

Range of Investment Options

The InvestNow KiwiSaver Scheme gives you the ability to invest your KiwiSaver funds across a range of 28 managed funds. We’ve focused on providing options across all major sectors/asset classes, as well as diversified options, from 9 expert investment managers.

Range of Fees

The InvestNow KiwiSaver Scheme offers competitive fees, ranging from 0.27% p.a. to 1.53% p.a. (inc. GST) depending on which fund you choose to invest in. On top of this, we’ve made the choice not to charge any KiwiSaver administration fees! See the fund selector below for a list of the available funds within the InvestNow KiwiSaver Scheme.

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AMP Capital NZ Cash Fund Cash and Cash Equivalents 0.27% Download

All Country Global Shares Index Fund International Equities 0.40% Download

AMP Capital NZ Fixed Interest Fund New Zealand Fixed Interest 0.58% Download

Castle Point Trans-Tasman Fund Australasian Equities 1.07% Download

Clarity Global Shares Fund International Equities 1.06% Download

Harbour Australasian Equity Focus Fund Australasian Equities 1.14% Download

Harbour NZ Core Fixed Interest Fund New Zealand Fixed Interest 0.65% Download

Hedged Global Fixed Interest Index Fund International Fixed Interest 0.41% Download

Hunter Balanced Fund Diversified 0.37% Download

Hunter Global Fixed Interest Fund International Fixed Interest 0.54% Download

Hunter Growth Fund Diversified 0.37% Download

Milford Balanced Fund Diversified 1.08% Download

Mint Australasian Equity Fund Australasian Equities 1.36% Download

NZ Shares Index Fund Australasian Equities 0.33% Download

Russell Investments Global Fixed Interest Fund International Fixed Interest 0.78% Download

Russell Investments Global Shares Fund International Equities 1.50% Download

Russell Investments NZ Fixed Interest Fund New Zealand Fixed Interest 0.76% Download

Salt Enhanced Property Fund Listed Property 1.15% Download

Salt NZ Dividend Appreciation Fund Australasian Equities 1.16% Download

T. Rowe Price Global Equity Growth Fund International Equities 1.20% Download

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  • Fees are estimated as a percentage per annum of the Fund’s net asset value and include GST, where applicable. Performance based fees may apply and have been included in the fee estimate where appropriate. Buy/sell spreads or swing pricing adjustments may also apply to investments and/or redemptions – see the Fees and Charges Table for the current spreads/adjustments.
  • Managed funds in New Zealand must have a standard risk indicator. The risk indicator is designed to help investors understand the uncertainties both for loss and growth that may affect their investment. You can compare funds using the risk indicator – 1 is lower risk and potentially lower returns, while 7 is higher risk and potentially higher returns.
  • We offer actively managed funds as well as passively managed funds (index funds). Diversified funds which mainly use index funds as their underlying investments have been labelled as “passive” in the Management Style filter.
  • The issuer of the InvestNow KiwiSaver Scheme is Implemented Investment Solutions Ltd. For a Product Disclosure Statement please visit