Who we are

InvestNow is a Wellington-based online investment platform brought to you by Implemented Investment Solutions (IIS).

We are all about empowering New Zealanders to generate and manage their own wealth, and that’s why we provide a simple and intuitive way for investors to self-manage their KiwiSaver, Managed Funds and Term Deposit investments. InvestNow is partnered with 25 fund managers who have chosen to work with us, along with 6 leading NZ banks who have picked InvestNow as part of their Term Deposit distribution strategy. IIS is licenced as a “manager of a registered scheme” under New Zealand’s Financial Market Conduct Act 2013, which enables IIS to issue and manage funds in NZ (FSP127464). IIS is the issuer and manager of more than 20 investment funds, including the InvestNow KiwiSaver Scheme. The investors in these funds include corporate superannuation schemes, KiwiSaver schemes, community trusts, charities, family offices, investment adviser groups, and individual investors.

IIS and InvestNow currently manage over $4.6 billion on behalf of more than 30,000 investors.

Recent achievements

In March 2017 InvestNow was launched

Initially offering funds from AMP Capital, Harbour Asset Management, Mint Asset Management, Russell Investments and Vanguard. These managers funds gave investors options that covered most global and local asset classes as well as passive and active investment styles.

In 2018 InvestNow purchased Rabobank NZ’s managed funds business

This involved more than 1,300 Rabobank clients with over $100 million of investments moving to InvestNow.

In April 2018 we provided investors with access to bank Term Deposits

Initially with BNZ and SBS Bank. Now the range of banks available has grown to six and now includes ANZ, Bank of China, China Construction Bank and Heartland Bank.

In March of this year, we purchased AMP Capital’s retail clients

This saw an additional 300 clients with more than $30 million of assets joining InvestNow.

Recently in October, we launched the InvestNow KiwiSaver Scheme

Offering investors choice and flexibility to manage their own KiwiSaver, through 9 expert fund managers and 28 managed funds. 

We are continuously growing our product range

We are now working with 25 fund managers, offering 149 managed funds, and 6 banks.

The team

InvestNow wouldn’t be what it is today without its great team behind it. The business is led by a management team who have more than 100 years of combined senior experience within the investment management industry, having worked for different businesses including AMP Capital, ANZ, Cooperative Bank and Rabobank. InvestNow currently has 17 team members who are passionate about providing our customers with excellent service.

Anthony Edmonds
Managing Director of IIS and InvestNow founder

E:   anthonyedmonds@iisolutions.co.nz
P:  021 499 466

With a professional lineage tracing back to Southpac in the early 1990s, and AMP Capital Investors for more than a decade, Edmonds has spent his entire career in the industry.

Mike Heath
General Manager of InvestNow

E:   mikeheath@investnow.co.nz
P:  027 285 9178

Besides being the General Manager of InvestNow, Mike Health is also the former General Manager for RaboDirect New Zealand, and led the business for almost six years from launch.

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The issuer of the InvestNow KiwiSaver Scheme is Implemented Investment Solutions Ltd. For a Product Disclosure Statement please visit www.investnow.co.nz/kiwisaver.