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InvestNow offers New Zealanders a new way to choose managed funds and term deposits.

We believe in freedom of choice, having launched with a select range of managers and funds that provide relevant, compelling investment opportunities tailored for a NZ audience.  Late 2018 we expanded our offering to include bank term deposits – providing our customers with the ability to invest in TDs without the need to open accounts with each bank.

InvestNow officially launched in March 2017, offering funds from AMP Capital, Harbour Asset Management, Mint Asset Management, Russell Investments and Vanguard. Already these 25 foundation products gave investors options covering most global and local asset classes as well as passive and active investment styles. However, there’s still plenty of scope to expand the InvestNow fund choices. Since going live we have added more managers – Antipodes,  ANZ Investments, APN Property Group, Devon Funds Management, Elevation Capital, Fisher Funds, Hunter Investment Management, India Avenue, Legg Mason, Milford Asset Management, Morphic Asset Management, Nikko Asset Management, Pathfinder Asset Management, Pie Funds, Platinum Asset Management, QuayStreet Asset Management, Salt Asset Management and Smartshares – along with term deposits from ANZ, BNZ, China Construction Bank, Heartland Bank and SBS Bank, bringing the total product choice to more than 140 managed funds plus a range of term deposit options.

As well as growing product choice to sustainable levels, InvestNow is committed to freeing up more investors to choose our range of funds. Uniquely to InvestNow, the platform allows investors to buy into any of our funds for as little as $50, when part of a Regular Investment Plan, or $250 for one-off investments. Typical managed funds – especially some of the wholesale options listed on InvestNow – set high minimum initial investment levels that preclude many from accessing them. Not forgetting, of course, that InvestNow clients only pay the clearly disclosed fee with no extra or hidden platform and administration fees. Now that’s choice.

InvestNow is brought to you by Implemented Investment Solutions (IIS), a Wellington-based specialist investment management company focused on meeting the specific needs and requirements of New Zealand investors. With decades of experience in investment management and an un-wavering passion for the customer, our objective is to provide our customers with a simple and intuitive way to self-manage their managed funds investments, 24/7 with no fees.

You can read more about InvestNow’s founder, Anthony Edmonds, and other members of the team here: Set the funds free: InvestNow founder opens up on direct dream.

Mike Heath is the former General Manager for RaboDirect New Zealand, and led the business for almost six years from launch.

Anthony Edmonds
Managing Director, Implemented Investment Solutions

E:   anthonyedmonds@iisolutions.co.nz
P:  021 499 466

Mike Heath
General Manager, InvestNow

E:   mikeheath@investnow.co.nz
P:  027 285 9178