Regular Investment Plans

Reach your investment goals little by little by setting up automatic investments.

Regular Investment Plans provide the ability for you to set up regular contributions to a fund, or range of funds, at a frequency that suits you.
When setting up your Regular Investment Plan, you’ll need to consider:

  • How much you want to invest on a regular basis
  • Having the available cash in your InvestNow transaction account to fund the plan
  • What dates and frequency you want the plan to run
  • The funds you want to include in your plan
  • What proportion, of the total plan value, you want to allocate to each fund in the plan

Setting up your Regular Investment Plan

To start, go to the “My Plans” page to start building your plan.

Funding your Regular Investment Plan

Your plan is funded from your InvestNow Transaction Account and you need to have sufficient available cleared cash on the day your plan is due to run.

You can establish an automatic payment to ensure you have sufficient available cash in your Transaction Account.  Please make sure that the cash is credited to your Transaction Account at least two working days before your plan is due to run, to ensure your cash is cleared.  Please refer to our Automatic Payment FAQ, for more details.

If you do not have sufficient cash, we will attempt to debit your Transaction Account for three consecutive working days, if after which there is still not sufficient cash available, we will stop your plan.  We will tell you we have done this (see below re e-mail notifications).

Processing Times

Each working day, at 11:30am, all buy orders for all plans that are due to run on that day, are captured.

Between 12:00pm and 1:00pm, that same day, the buy orders are processed and sent to the respective fund managers.

When you create or edit a plan, the start date must be a future date – you can’t set up a plan and have it run on the same day.

Minimum Investment Amount

Unlike one-off orders, where the minimum is $250, for Regular Investment Plans the minimum is only $50 per fund in your plan.

Frequencies Available

You can chose for your plan to run on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or six-monthly basis.  You set the start date, and if you want it to cease at some time in the future, you can set your end date.

Range of Funds Available

All funds, that you can normally order on a one-off basis, are also available for you to include in your plan.

Amount to Invest Per Fund

When building your plan you enter a percentage value against each fund included.  The “Total %” field will show you how much of your total plan value you have allocated.  The plan builder also takes into account the $50 minimum per fund.


We have a series of e-mails that will provide an update on the following aspects of your plan:

  • When your plan has run successfully
  • If your plan has failed to run, due to insufficient cash in your Transaction Account
  • When we stop a plan, due to three failed attempts to fund it from your Transaction Account
  • When your plan stops, as per your instructions when you established it