InvestNow KiwiSaver Scheme – Underlying Fund Performance

The InvestNow KiwiSaver Scheme gives you the ability to invest your KiwiSaver funds across a range of 28 managed funds. We’ve focused on providing options across all major sectors/asset classes, as well as diversified options, from 9 expert investment managers.

The table below shows the past performance of each of the underlying funds in the InvestNow KiwiSaver Scheme, rather than the performance of the InvestNow KiwiSaver Scheme itself. The InvestNow KiwiSaver Scheme is invested 100% into the underlying funds and each fund option charges the same fee as the corresponding underlying fund, so the performance of an InvestNow KiwiSaver Scheme fund is expected to be identical to the performance of the corresponding underlying fund.

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NameCategory1 month3 months6 months1 year3 years5 years10 years
All Country Global Shares Index FundInternational Equities2.33%10.12%17.70%10.69%8.94%--
AMP Capital Ethical Leaders Balanced FundDiversified1.47%7.00%10.75%5.34%6.08%6.83%7.45%
AMP Capital Global Property Securities FundListed Property1.58%8.41%12.22%-8.34%2.72%3.30%8.30%
AMP Capital NZ Cash FundCash and Cash Equivalents0.02%0.07%0.15%0.68%1.54%1.86%2.63%
AMP Capital NZ Fixed Interest FundNew Zealand Fixed Interest-0.64%-2.27%-0.11%4.72%4.56%4.63%5.35%
Australasian Property Index FundListed Property2.08%10.49%22.66%1.57%11.29%10.34%-
Castle Point 5 Oceans FundDiversified1.68%5.03%7.59%9.17%6.11%--
Castle Point Trans-Tasman FundAustralasian Equities2.75%15.00%22.31%26.69%---
Clarity Global Shares FundInternational Equities2.92%9.35%13.58%3.96%6.72%--
Harbour Australasian Equity Focus FundAustralasian Equities6.72%16.87%29.45%24.44%13.96%15.68%-
Harbour NZ Core Fixed Interest FundNew Zealand Fixed Interest-0.41%-1.38%1.22%5.68%4.41%4.52%-
Hedged Global Fixed Interest Index FundInternational Fixed Interest0.17%0.53%1.16%4.66%4.33%--
Hunter Balanced FundDiversified0.95%4.36%-----
Hunter Global Fixed Interest FundInternational Fixed Interest0.54%1.96%4.24%6.62%4.96%--
Hunter Growth FundDiversified1.26%5.94%-----
Milford Balanced FundDiversified1.85%6.46%10.96%9.87%9.03%9.25%10.54%
Milford Conservative FundDiversified0.88%2.78%5.58%6.27%6.04%6.75%-
Mint Australasian Equity FundAustralasian Equities1.70%9.13%9.60%16.20%16.35%15.47%16.26%
Mint Diversified Growth FundDiversified2.63%7.22%15.58%18.41%---
Mint Diversified Income FundDiversified1.19%3.29%6.81%5.76%5.70%5.48%-
NZ Shares Index FundAustralasian Equities2.54%11.40%14.66%14.03%16.48%--
Russell Investments Global Fixed Interest FundInternational Fixed Interest0.43%1.64%3.17%7.60%5.22%5.26%-
Russell Investments Global Shares FundInternational Equities2.50%7.14%11.63%5.50%6.72%9.26%-
Russell Investments Hedged Global Shares FundInternational Equities4.10%14.10%20.31%8.00%6.00%9.63%-
Russell Investments NZ Fixed Interest FundNew Zealand Fixed Interest-0.53%-1.81%0.48%4.79%4.51%4.51%-
Salt Enhanced Property FundListed Property3.41%10.25%24.42%5.58%15.20%13.28%-
Salt NZ Dividend Appreciation FundAustralasian Equities3.25%11.84%15.49%15.10%14.38%14.57%-
T. Rowe Price Global Equity Growth FundInternational Equities2.79%7.65%16.54%33.35%18.72%17.15%-


  • Performance is shown for periods ending 31 December 2020.
  • Returns are after fees, before tax and denominated in NZD. The underlying fund returns do not include any associated tax credits such as resident withholding tax (RWT), foreign tax credits (FTC) and imputation credits (IC), which are generally included when presenting returns for Quarterly Fund Updates.
  • Performance figures over 1 year are annualised.
  • Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance, and the funds in the InvestNow KiwiSaver Scheme have not been selected on the basis of past performance.

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