About – ‘What is InvestNow?’

InvestNow is a New Zealand-based online investment platform that gives Kiwi investors the ability to invest in KiwiSaver, Managed Funds and Term Deposits from leading fund managers and banks from around the world. Our customers can invest from as little as $50 (when part of a regular investment plan) or $250 for a one-off investment.

We’re not financial advisors – we just focus on giving our customers the freedom to choose their investments combined with the convenience of an online solution. Our goal is to remove the barriers that stand between every-day kiwis and quality investment options.

No fees or middle-man

With InvestNow there are no signup, transaction, or hidden fees.

Self manage with 24/7 access

You’re in full control to build your own portfolio and invest the way you want to – anywhere, anytime.

Regular Investing

You can invest in funds on both a one-off basis or by setting up a Regular Investment Plan.

Simple and easy investing

We aim to make investing as simple and straightforward as we possibly can. We remove barriers, provide unrivalled choice and make investing as convenient as possible.

Transferring funds from other portfolios

Need to bring funds from other accounts and portfolios? No worries, with our help, you can transfer units straight into your InvestNow portfolio.

Trust and Security

We’re locally owned and we only partner with leading Fund Managers & Banks. You can be assured that we adhere to the highest level of compliance and take online security seriously for your investment portfolio.

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