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Find other investors like you and what they invested in. Our quick and easy survey will find investors based on your answers and show you which funds and investments they have chosen. All data is anonymous but is based on real clients.



Control, Manage, Grow
Which ever way you think of it – you decide how your investment grows. Log in online anytime, anywhere to Control, Manage and Grow your investments. You’re IN control of your investments.



Investment goals sooner
Start with $2,000 and choose for how long you want to stash your money away. Invest in Term Deposits from NZ’s leading banks.



An InvestNow account gives you online access to all of our fund managers and banks from one single login!


At InvestNow we obsess about making things as simple and as straightforward as possible.  We focus on removing barriers, providing choice and making things as convenient as possible.

Recognising the “hassle” you have to go through to open accounts with a range of banks or fund managers, including having to go through a sales person or advisor, we bring the ability to build and manage your own investment portfolio together in one place.

You open a single account with us, after which you can invest in managed funds and bank terms deposits from an extensive range fund managers and banks whenever you like, 24/7.

Once you are logged in you have access to all of our fund managers and banks!

Investments managed by you

Manage your investments online 24/7

Establish and manage your investments online 24/7.  With one single login – quick and easy with no fuss.

Access to award winning funds

We’ve worked hard to bring you funds from New Zealand and around the world. You can invest in all funds on InvestNow for as little as $50, when part of a Regular Investment Plan, or $250 for one-off investments.

Invest in bank Term Deposits

Open a single account with us to access Term Deposits from a range of NZ banks all in one place.

No Fees,No Middle Man.

We firmly believe in removing all barriers to self-managing your investments, so InvestNow won’t be charging you any transaction or admin fees.