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What’s InvestNow?

InvestNow offers you, the investor who knows what you want to do, the ability to directly invest in managed funds without the need for a middleman. InvestNow is a no-advice direct investment service, plus we don’t charge you any administration or transaction fees!

With 24/7 access, you can buy and sell managed funds, PIE funds and Australian Unit Trusts, from some of the major fund managers operating here in New Zealand and globally.

You will operate a single investment portfolio with InvestNow, within which you can hold multiple managed funds from multiple fund managers.

What types of Investors?

InvestNow caters to the following investor types – NZ Individuals, Joint Accounts, Family Trusts and NZ Companies. There is a table on the next page, which explains what you need to get started.

Open your investment account now!

We’ve made joining InvestNow, and operating your account as straightforward and as intuitive as possible. Whilst this is the first version of InvestNow to be available publically, it won’t be the last as we have a very compelling roadmap and development plans for the service.

Go to our account setup page and follow the instructions from there.

Need more help?

Here is some additional information that will help answer most of your questions.
If not, don’t hesitate to get in touch on 0800 499 466 or e-mail at contact@investnow.co.nz
InvestNow Account Opening Guide
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