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InvestNow News 13th July – AMP Capital – Market Watch July 2018

6th July 2018

Watch a recording of the July 2018 Market Watch update from Bevan Graham, NZ Chief Economist AMP Capital (click the image below)

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InvestNow News 13th July – AMP Capital – Chances of a rate cut?

Bevan Graham, NZ Chief Economist AMP Capital

6th July 2018

Continued weakness in business confidence is posing downside risks to the growth outlook. From an RBNZ perspective it’s not as simple as lower growth meaning lower interest rates. Lower growth can still be consistent with higher inflation in a capacity-constrained economy. Our base case remains that the next move is a hike, but it’s a long way off. And it’s certainly the case that if the RBNZ feels the need to do anything soon, it’s more likely to […]

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InvestNow News 13th July 2018 – Harbour Asset Management – Harbour Outlook

9th July 2018

Key developments
In recent months we have highlighted how economies and markets seem at a crossroads. In June, there was further evidence of an upcoming moderation in domestic economic activity whilst cost pressures appear to be rising. Looking forward, this is a theme that remains near the top of our list of what to watch most closely on the horizon.

Looking back over June, while some macroeconomic data in Europe and Asia disappointed, economic activity in the US remained robust, with […]

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InvestNow News 13th July 2018 – Pathfinder – June 2018 Update

The world, according to Deutsche Bank researchers, remains in a pretty good place. Global growth of 3.9% is expected this year, slightly ahead 2017. This is made up of marginally higher emerging markets growth (5.1% ) and flat developed markets growth (2.3% ). The numbers don’t sound especially high,but in apost-GFC world thisisa very solid outcome.
A positive view: While Deutsche remain positive, they also expect 2018 to mark the peak of this cycle’s growth. For the […]

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InvestNow News 13th July – Russell Investments – Global Market Outlook – July 2018

The recent political crisis in Italy has come and gone, but trade wars appear here to stay. U.S. growth leadership will fade in our view as Europe and Japan improve. China is resilient and the U.S. dollar rally is running out of steam.

Trade-war tightrope

The dual headwinds of Italian political volatility and escalating trade-war fears have not stopped equity markets from staging a choppy rebound from their March 2018 lows. The U.S. 10-year Treasury yield has found stiff resistance to moving above […]

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InvestNow News 6th July 2018 – Devon Funds Management – Monthly Report June 2018

Australia’s Time to Shine?

At Devon we focus a significant amount of time and energy on the Australian stock market and we have a heavy investment weighting to it across many of our funds. In recent months our Australian exposure has performed well and has helped drive the good returns we have achieved, however over the past five years the Australian market has notably underperformed the New Zealand market.  As we look to the future we are of the view that valuations […]

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InvestNow News 6th July – Russell Investments – Global Fixed Income Q&A

In June, James Mitchell (Russell Investments Senior Portfolio Manager, Global Fixed Income) visited New Zealand presenting his outlook for Global Fixed Income.  Russell Investments have put together a record of the main topics that James covered during his presentations.

Read the full Q&A here.

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