For deposits to your InvestNow transaction account, you can expect the funds to be available by 9am the following business day, if you complete the payment from your nominated account during business hours on the prior business day and if the correct reference code has been used. Note that this depends on processing times for your bank (our bank is BNZ) and that deposits made during the weekend may not be processed until Tuesday morning.

For withdrawals from your InvestNow transaction account to your nominated bank account, the cut-off is 12pm for the withdrawal to be paid on the same day – otherwise the withdrawal will be processed on the afternoon of the following business day.

Please note that in some cases when you sell all units in a PIE fund and load a withdrawal for the total cash amount on the same day, the withdrawal may take an additional business day to be paid. This is because we need to calculate and deduct the final PIE tax for that fund.