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We’ve partnered with 25 expert fund managers to offer you a great range of managed funds to invest in.

Through our online investor portal, we offer direct access to over 140 managed funds from a range of expert fund managers. We have both passive and active investment options across a wide range of asset classes – something to suit everyone. You can invest in funds on both a one-off basis, or by setting up a Regular Investment Plan.  For all funds on InvestNow, the investment minimum is $50 when part of your Regular Investment Plan, or $250 for one-off investments.

Fee estimates for PIE funds reflect the total expense ratio in the Fund Updates provided to the Disclose Register (note that this figure includes GST and any performance-based fees), unless we have been advised of a more recent change. For Australian funds, the fee estimate has been taken from the latest Product Disclosure Statement for each fund. Please note that not all of the funds below are PIE funds.  Please use the “Fund Type” filter to identify the PIE and AUT funds.

To see the funds available through the InvestNow KiwiSaver Scheme, filter “Yes” on the “Available on KiwiSaver?” search filter. To find out more about the InvestNow KiwiSaver Scheme, click here.

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Elevation Capital Global Shares Fund International Equities 1.82% Download

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