Streamlining Deposits & Withdrawals

We’ve made a couple of changes to streamline the process for making Deposits & Withdrawals, including removing the largely redundant Funding page.


To deposit funds, all you need is to know is the bank account details for our custodian and the unique identifier for your account.  To access this information there is a one-click solution.  Having logged in, go to the Home page and click on Deposit funds, under Quick actions.  A pop-up will appear, with the details you need to transfer money from your nominated account.



Like deposits, we have made it simpler to raise a withdrawal instruction.  Having logged in, go to the Home page and click on Withdraw funds, under Quick options.  A pop-up will appear – enter the amount you wish to withdraw and select the nominated bank account to be credited, if you have more than one registered in your profile (you can also add your own reference to the transaction).



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