InvestNow News 16th August – AMP Capital – How do you rate investment managers on responsible investing?

Rebekah Swan – ESG Investment Specialist, NZ / Client Advocate / Head of Product

One of the challenges of responsible investing is measuring the impact that investments are actually making on society and on the environment.

Signing up to the Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI) is one way a manager can how show commitment to investing responsibly and measuring its impact. The PRI is a set of global best-practices for responsible investment which provides an externally-recognised benchmark against which to monitor progress. Signatories are required to report on their responsible investment activities annually and are assessed against a range of indicators.

AMP Capital is a long-standing signatory to the PRI, and has been a member since 2007. Our latest PRI assessment report shows we continue to score highly across the various assessment modules and are ahead of the median results of our peers. For further details view a copy of the 2019 Transparency Report and summary scorecard on our website.

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