InvestNow News – 3rd April – AMP Capital – Tech in the 2020s: what’s on the cards in the decade ahead?

30th Mar 20 – Andy Gardner – Investment Manager, Global Equities – Equities, Sydney

As we begin a new decade, one thing is undeniable: technology bears a far greater influence on our daily lives and investment portfolios than it ever has.

The impact has been so spectacular that the dispersion between companies, individuals, and investors embracing technology and those who haven’t has never been wider. It is unsurprising therefore that understanding where we are in this cycle, and how best to navigate it, dominates company boardrooms and investment forums alike.

In this feature-length report, we review the technology landscape from multiple angles. From a top-down perspective, we find that technology’s influence will likely be even greater this decade in relation to areas such as how we work and our ability to tackle climate change, versus the 10 years just passed.

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