19th June 2019

Yet more great news – you can now add ANZ Term Deposits to your InvestNow portfolio!

Alongside the 100+ managed funds, we now provide Kiwi investors with the ability to invest in term deposits from ANZ, BNZ and SBS Bank without the need to open accounts with each of the banks.

You can easily switch between banks and set your term deposits to automatically reinvest (principle plus interest, or principal only).

Full details about our term deposit offering is available here.

Here are the best current term deposit rates available on InvestNow (as at 12pm 19th June 2019):

  • 1 month at 1.92%
  • 3 months at 2.65%
  • 6 months at 3.30%
  • 9 months at 3.20%
  • 1 year at 3.15%

The minimum TD amount is $2,000 for all banks, except ANZ where the minimum is $10,000.