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Here is what Mugunthan Siva, Managing Director India Avenue has to say about India Avenue, the Fund and India:

” … our five founders have over 100 years investment and operations experience in Indian capital markets.  The two locations in Sydney and Mumbai allow us to be close to investments and investors. It allows us to communicate grassroots developments in India to a nascent investment audience for India based in Oceania … “

” … the Fund is built for clients from Australia and NZ. It is intelligently structured to minimise operational costs, taxes and to take complexity away from the client seeking to benefit from India’s growth story.  The Fund typically invests in sectors such as Consumption, Healthcare, Industrial and Information Technology. Some of these form India’s growth sectors such as Automobiles, IT Outsourcing, Cement and Pharmaceuticals … “

” … India’s growth stands unparalleled by any other major economy in the world at an average of 7% over the last 20 years. However, the IMF, Harvard, PwC, World Bank are of the view that India can grow at between 7-8% over the next decade, driven by its youthful and significant population as well as by structural change led by economic reforms and infrastructure development … “

India Avenue

” … India’s population is approximately 1.3bn people, of which 50% are aged 26 or younger. In fact, there are 1 million people turning 18 every month in India and more 9-year old’s that the entire population of Australia/NZ. There is a huge opportunity for GDP per capita to increase from a low base as infrastructure improves, jobs growth and the taxation net broadens. India will have the highest number of working age people in the world …”


More information here about India Avenue and the Fund, which is classified as International Equities and has a published management fee of 1.50%.  You can review the PDS for this fund here.

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