New Funds!

It’s been a while since we added new funds, but over the next couple of months you will see a string of new funds and new managers available on InvestNow.

Starting in September, we will expand the offering from Fisher Funds:

Fisher Funds Conservative Fund

“The Fisher Funds Conservative Fund is a diversified portfolio that aims to provide moderate protection for your investment, while also providing a modest level of return over the short to medium term. It invests in mainly income assets (target 72.5%) with a small amount in growth assets (target 27.5%).”

Fisher Funds Growth Fund

“The Fisher Funds Growth Fund is a diversified portfolio that aims to grow your investment with more focus on capital growth over the long term. It invests in mainly growth assets.”

We shall send you a notification once these are live.  In the meantime here is a link to the factsheets.

Watch our for other new funds as they come on board.

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