12th June 2019

Things don’t stay the same for long around here.

We added the 8 new Smartshares funds last week and Milford yesterday.  Now it’s today’s announcement.

Platinum Asset Management and the Platinum International Fund are now available to Kiwi investors directly through InvestNow – no need for a middleman!

Platinum International Fund​

The Platinum International Fund is an Australian Unit Trust (AUT).

Here is how Platinum describe the fund:

“The Platinum International Fund was established in April 1995, and provides investors with a truly diversified portfolio of companies from around the world and across industry sectors.  The investment objective of the fund is to provide capital growth over the long-term by investing in undervalued companies from around the world.

Platinum notes that the fund provides investors with the following key benefits:

  • Access to a manager with a proven investment philosophy and method for selecting undervalued stocks and a team of experienced investment professionals
  • Exposure to an actively managed, diversified equity portfolio that seeks to minimise losses during market downturns using risk management techniques
  • Actively managed currency exposures providing substantial diversification from the Australian dollar
  • Annual distribution of the fund’s net income, including net realised capital gains”

Learn more about Platinum here >