Putting your lazy cash to work

If some of you were wondering why you’ve been receiving an e-mail suggesting you put your cash to work, here is the explanation.

Many customers ask if the Transaction Account is interest bearing, which it is not (refer to the FAQ here).  However, what the FAQ also covers is our commitment to remind you when you have cash sitting in your Transaction Account that really isn’t working hard for you at all.  We like to call this Lazy Cash.

This month we kicked off our new Lazy Cash alerts service.

If you have a reasonable amount of cash (we have initially set this at $5,000) and it’s been sitting there with its feet up, for at least a week, we will send you a reminder that you need to put it to work.

We have also kicked off our new Zero Balance reminders.

Now that you have established your account with us, we are really keen to see you start to build your portfolio.  Like the Lazy Cash e-mails, if you have yet to start building your portfolio we will give you a regular reminder that your portfolio needs some attention.

We trust you find both of these new reminders useful.

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