SBS Bank join BNZ, offering Term Investments to InvestNow customers!

We are really pleased to announce the addition of SBS Bank Term Investments to InvestNow.

Firmly aligned to our strategy of empowering Kiwi investors to manage their investments in one place and with the least amount of hassle, our Term Deposit offering is a natural complement for managed funds.

Shaun Drylie, SBS chief executive officer, mirrors our strategy when he said the bank is “very excited to be integrating with such an innovative New Zealand company like InvestNow”. “It’s a great fit for both businesses as we’re both focused on helping Kiwis grow their investment portfolios. As a mutual, we’re owned by our customers, so when you invest with us the money stays right here in New Zealand,” Drylie said. “We think the alignment is fantastic.

SBS Term Investments! Initially SBS will be offering the following terms*:

  • 6 months at 3.25%
  • 9 months at 3.40%
  • 1 year at 3.40%
  • 18 months at 3.45%

*Rates valid as at 12pm Wednesday 28th November.

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