Our Roadmap

Our Roadmap

We have a very healthy list of functionality enhancements lined up for the InvestNow service, but we thought we’d focus on a couple that we are receiving the most requests for:

Regular Investment Plans

Using a combination of direct debits, if needed, and set instructions for purchases of funds, you will be able to set up the automatic purchases of funds for your portfolio.  Once you know which fund(s) you want to purchase, this is a great way to build your portfolio in the most automated manner.


Leveraging the ease with which you can buy and sell managed funds on InvestNow, we will be developing the ability to switch from one product to another directly.

The Switching function will remove the need to raise a sell order, wait for that to settle and for the funds to be credited to your Transaction Account, before you can then raise a subsequent buy order with those proceeds.

We don’t have firm dates for these enhancements, but we are working closely with our development team to bring them to InvestNow as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear what ideas you have for enhancements to InvestNow – please let us know.

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