PIE Tax Update – 2019

2019 PIE tax timeline

  • Thursday 28 March: email sent advising the estimated PIE tax liability for all investors owing PIE tax
  • Monday 1 April: last day to request a change in your PIR (Prescribed Investor Rate)
  • Tuesday 9 April: once the last tax files have been received from each fund manager, another email will be sent advising the final PIE tax amount. When the final tax amounts have been calculated for all clients, cash will be set aside from your account to cover the PIE tax, and PIE tax certificates will be available for download from “My Documents”.
  • Friday 12 April: last day to deposit funds to cover PIE tax.
  • Monday 15 April: if your account holds insufficient cash to cover the PIE tax liability, we will sell units from the largest holding in your portfolio in order to meet the shortfall.
  • Friday 26 April: PIE tax for all investors will be paid to the IRD.

Regular investment plans

If you have a regular investment plan due to be processed during this period, please ensure that you deposit cash to cover the PIE tax liability – otherwise the deduction of cash from your account could cause your plan to fail.

Fund processing delays

Some funds will not release prices or process transactions while they carry out their end-of-year processing. This means that buy and sell orders placed for these funds on the following days will be delayed.

  • ANZ OneAnswer: transactions will not be processed on 29 March or 1-2 April
  • Fisher Funds: transactions will not be processed on 1-2 April
  • Harbour: transactions will not be processed on 1-2 April

Remember to check that your PIR is correct

If your Prescribed Investor Rate (PIR) is not correct, please click here to request us to update it.

For more information about how PIE tax works, please refer to our article “PIEs and PIE tax – your questions answered”.

If you have any questions with regards to this, or any other matter, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 499 466 or contact@investnow.co.nz.

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