Each month we’d like to talk you through some of the key features of the InvestNow service, and the details behind the pages in the secure website.

This month it’s the My Documents page.

As the name suggests, this page contains the full range of documents available for your InvestNow account.

The documents are filed under three headings:

  • Portfolio reports – reports specific to your portfolio
  • Fund documents – documents relating to the funds offered by InvestNow
  • Contracts – the executed client agreement for the InvestNow service

All of the reports in your My Documents page can be viewed, downloaded or printed.


Portfolio reports

There are three portfolio reports you can run, at any time and for any date range or period:

  • Investor Report – details all transactional and financial aspects of your portfolio i.e deposits & withdrawals, buys & sells etc.
  • Tax Summary Report – details income, expenses and tax credits
  • PIE Tax Certificate – a summary of your PIE taxable income, any PIE tax credits used and any PIE tax payable on your investments.


Selecting the period for your Investor Report



The Portfolio return details from the Investor Report


The Tax Summary Report


The PIE Tax Certificate



Fund documents

For each and every fund, including those for which you are not a unit holder, a copy of the current PDS is stored in the Fund documents section of your My Documents page.



When you electronically accept the InvestNow Customer Agreement, as part of the account establishment process, an electronic copy of the agreement is stored in your My Documents page.

Over time, as and when our customer agreement is updated, the most recent version is added to your My Documents page, along with any earlier iterations you have accepted.

In the scenario where a customer elects to sign a hardcopy of the agreement, we will scan this and upload this in your My Documents page.