New Harbour and Fisher Funds

Over recent weeks we have added new funds from Harbour Asset Management and Fisher Funds:

Fisher Funds Conservative Fund

  • Diversified fund
  • 1.41% fee
  • PDS

Fisher Funds Growth Fund

  • Diversified fund
  • 1.53% fee
  • PDS

Here is what the team at Fisher Funds had to say about them:

“The Fisher Funds Conservative Fund is a diversified portfolio that aims to provide moderate protection for your investment, while also providing a modest level of return over the short to medium term. It invests in mainly income assets (target 72.5%) with a small amount in growth assets (target 27.5%).”

“The Fisher Funds Growth Fund is a diversified portfolio that aims to grow your investment with more focus on capital growth over the long term. It invests in mainly growth assets.”

For more information about Fisher Funds and the range of funds available via InvestNow please click here >

Harbour Real Estate Investment Fund

  • Listed property
  • 0.73% fee
  • PDS

Here is how Harbour describe the fund:

“After seeking client feedback, we are delighted to announce the addition of this new, and much-requested, fund – launched 1st October.

The Harbour Real Estate Investment Fund aims to provide medium term capital growth and income from real estate. It utilises the expertise of portfolio manager Shane Solly, who has over 20 years of experience with this asset class. The Fund provides investors with easier access to a diversified portfolio of different types of commercial and industrial property.

Harbour’s investment process combines the talents of Harbour’s experienced research analysts with quantitative analysis and screens for income, growth and quality factors. To enhance expected returns and manage risk the Fund’s investment process seeks to identify securities with prospective income yield and capital growth which is under-appreciated by the investment market. The Harbour REIF may also hold securities which are not included in listed property security or Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS) benchmark indices. To be included, underlying profit certainty needs to be high.  Examples include property management, sea ports, toll roads, airports, cell-phone towers, aged care & retirement villages, waste management facilities and data centres industries.”

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